QUICK TIP: McMaster Master

by Aaron.Magnin 4 years ago 1 min read

This week’s QUICK TIP is a must know to become a Fusion 360 master. Hopefully by now, most Fusion 360 users know the beauty of using things like McMaster-Carr, and the ‘manufacturers part library’. By using these tools –found in the “insert” dropdown- you can avoid wasted time making nuts, bolts, and other purchased parts.


Finding your parts is made easy due to filtering, searches, and in the end, you can ‘save’ those STEP files right into your designs. The one tinnnnnnny little problem is that some of these are overly detailed. Don’t get me wrong, detail is nice, but if you have 50 screws with every thread, chamfer, and dimple molded into it, your system can get bogged down.


Instead of going with what’s provided, you can modify the geometry from an unexpected place: the base. Doesn’t make sense? Well, it will as soon as you watch this:



I hope this helps your designs come together faster than ever, and that your computer system stays responsive due to those simplified parts.


Now, go forth, and master McMaster (Carr)!



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