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Aaron.Magnin March 21, 2017 1 min read

Hey all, not sure if you heard, but last week we an amazing opportunity to join the HSM Summit at Pier 9. We spent all week talking about –and more importantly– learning how to use Fusion 360 and HSM to create real parts. As you can imagine, the combined experience of the group spans at least a couple of lifetimes, with each individual bringing their own unique perspective and skills. For a newb like myself, I was completely blown away by what was demonstrated, and by the end of the week had more tips than I could shake a stick at.


Today, I wanted to bring you just 3 of those countless tips that were shared with me. Hopefully this knowledge will help you along in your next CAM setup. Without further ado, check it out here:



I hope at least one of these is new to you (I’m willing to bet the last one was!), but if not, let me know what you recently learned in the comments below! Our community is what makes us all collectively better.





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