QUICK TIP: Insert from McMaster & SVG

by Aaron.Magnin 5 years ago 1 min read

One of the cool things about Fusion 360 is that it has direct connections to suppliers and contract manufactures. In this QUICK TIP, I’ll be showing you how you can insert models directly from companies like McMaster-Carr & ‘parts4cad’. This can save you a great deal of time, which is better spent designing products and that you actually have control over (vs purchased parts)! 


 Save time by inserting purchased parts!


When we’re done inserting the model into our Fusion 360 project, I’ll show you how to emboss/deboss complex text to your designs by leveraging the SVG insert tool, to add details like part/model numbers. As you’ll see, using SVG’s, or scalable vector graphics, will open up some amazing capabilities to not only add stylized text to your models, but also logos and other details. If you’re unaware of how to create SVG’s (as I was when I started down this path!), I’ll show you two pieces of software that will work for this. Check it out here:




Hope this helps!

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