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Aaron.Magnin May 30, 2017 1 min read

In this QUICK TIP, I’m going to show you how to import your files from other systems and/or vendors, then give you a jump start on your next design. By the end of the tip, I’ll not only have brought in a design, but added appearances, new components, and built all the proper mechanics!


Starting the import process is the first hurdle to get over, and this can be slightly confusing. This is because most users will look for a command like File > Import or Open to do this, but you won’t find that in Fusion 360. Instead, in the QT I’ll direct you to the ‘import’ button found in the data panel. Using this option will open up huge variety of different file types that can be imported and converted into Fusion 360 designs.


Once there, we’ll apply appearances to get it to appear more life-like. For this, we’ll leverage the searchable database of downloadable materials, which opens up ample opportunity to get the right look.


Finally, we’ll add the ‘joints’, which describe the mechanics of our systems…but not before capturing the design history! This –being in a non history capturing design mode– is another one of those import defaults that can throw new users off.


Anyway, enough of me describing the process, watch the QUICK TIP now:



Make sure to take advantage of the integrated McMaster-Carr library to add all those nuts, bolts, or other purchased parts you shouldn’t have to waste time building.


I hope this import lesson has given you a jump start as you bring your design work over to Fusion 360!



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