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Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin September 26, 2017

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Anyone paying attention to this blog, our YouTube channel, or social feeds, knows how thrilled we are about the new “getting-started” content on the Adoption Portal. The reason is simple: the team did a fantastic job in creating OVER 100 lessons, organized by tasks, and curated with expertise and care.


In this QUICK TIP, we’ll show you where to find these lessons, and show you some behind-the-scenes info to make better use of the portal. This relates to finding and using the related files, tracking your progress, using the step by step guides, and illustrating how the chapterized lessons can aide in your navigation and reuse.


What are you waiting for? Learn industrial design from Michael Sagan, advanced CNC concepts fromTim Paul, or pull from the 20+ years of mechanical design experience of Brad Tallis.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find.



As stated in the video, make sure to bookmark the page. It’s well worth remembering, and will continue to improve!


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