Marti Deans December 13, 2017 1 min read

In this week’s QUICK TIP, I have a triple whammy: one part update, one part tip, and one part teaser. The update is that Flow is now available in Fusion 360 CAM! Flow is a great toolpath that uses surface vectors to create really smooth passes that finish 3D geometry really well. But that’s not all – Flow is also a full multi-axis toolpath.


I break it down in the video below, but the gist of it is that you will select a surface and a vector based on that surface, and Flow will do the rest. Everything about Flow is silky smooth – from the way it follows ISO curves to the way passes evenly distribute themselves across selected surfaces. Multi-axis is controlled with several tilt parameters, which I cover below. Use it to reach undercuts or improve cutting conditions by tilting the ball end mill off the tip. But, make sure to run a stock simulation before you take the code to the machine.



Now on to the teaser! Stay tuned for another Flow video next week. It will include a deeper dive into the toolpath itself and some chips flying as we cut parts at Pier 9!

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