QUICK TIP: Find Internal Volume of Fusion 360 Designs

by Bryce Heventhal 5 years ago 1 min read

During my tenure of designing products, I have ran into the question “How much [insert liquid or gas] can that hold?” on numerous occasions. Usually, the internal volume is a key design requirement, which alters the design intent. 


In the early days of CAD, this was a difficult task. Especially, when working with complex geometry. Now with Fusion 360, the internal volume can be calculated with one feature. The tool for the job is the Boundary Fill command. This command will calculate all the “water tight” volumes from the selected tools. The tools can be surface bodies, solid bodies, and construction planes. Then the Boundary Fill command will analyze the selected tools and calculate all of the “water tight” regions. Most importantly, the Boundary Fill command will update with design changes to calculate the selected volume. 


Now if you are a modeling ninja, make sure to change the operation type and see how the operation type alters your output with your selected tools and cells. The Boundary Fill tool can be used in a variety of modeling scenarios to streamline your design process.  



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