QUICK TIP: Enhanced GCode viewing when posting from Fusion 360

by Bryce Heventhal 5 years ago 1 min read

Generate setup, generate toolpaths, simulate toolpaths, and post GCode with one of the post processors from Fusion 360’s extensive library. It’s just that easy (sorta), but what’s next?


Once the GCode file is post processed, it is important to view the file to examine what will happen in the machine. Brackets is the viewer used for Fusion 360 when a GCode file is posted. By default, all of the text is black in brackets. This makes it difficult to understand what are comments, GCodes, and MCodes without examining the file in close detail. As every machinist knows, every second is time they can be running this job on the machine.


On the other hand, some machine shops purchase a different post editor. In Fusion 360, the default editor can be changed to automatically launch that editor when the “post process” command is used inside Fusion 360.


Download this Syntax highlighting extension for brackets. While using this extension the default colors in brackets are shown below.


Red      = MCodes

Blue     = GCodes

Green  = Comments

Purple = Feed Rates & Spindle Speeds


Now check out this video to see how to use this extension in brackets or choose a different default post editor while using Fusion 360.



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