QUICK TIP: Edit Imported Geometry with Direct Editing

Avatar Bryce Heventhal April 5, 2016

1 min read

At certain points while designing, it is essential to import CAD geometry from other CAD tools. Editing imported geometry is very difficult and sometimes requires the recreation of a design. Fusion 360 integrates direct editing tools to edit imported geometry rather than redesigning from scratch to make changes to a design. Often times while designing, I have been requested by stakeholders to move a hole 1/4 inch to the left or shorten a length by 2 inches.  In Fusion 360, the move face command easily translates and rotates faces using a triad to manipulate the design change.


In addition, changes can be made directly to the model to influence this change without having to decipher which sketch or feature drives that geometry (WARNING: Once the “Do not Capture Design History” command is invoked the timeline will turn off).


In this video, learn how to use the move face command to translate and rotate groups of faces to make design changes. Editing geometry will become second nature once you master the direct editing tools.


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