QUICK TIP: Edge Selection and Compare & Edit

Aaron.Magnin April 18, 2017 1 min read

You might recall me talking about the “HSM summit” in a past tip, but in that video I only scratched the surface of what was taught during that week. Today, I wanted to revisit some other CAM lessons in another two-part tip. First, we’ll cover a common edge selection issue (that I’ve experienced firsthand), before moving on to showing you some incredible power in the ‘Compare & Edit’ command.


To highlight these options, I’ll use one of the actual files we used that week, which have since been added to the CAM samples for you to discover. By perusing these examples, you can see the toolpaths and setups our CAM experts used to make the parts during the course to demonstrate different lessons. While you’re in the samples folder, make sure to also see the Basic Training Files, Design Examples, as well as a whole slew of Simulation Examples…including those important Verification Examples, which prove the accuracy of the solver.


Anyway, back to the QUICK TIP. In the first section, I’ll demonstrate Fusion 360’s proclivity to select sketch entities instead of edges, which can sometimes cause undesirable effects. For the second part, I’ll introduce you to a tool everyone creating toolpaths NEEDS to know about. Anyway, watch the QUICK TIP below:



In addition to the YouTube description, I want to point you once again to the CAM reference page. Here, you’ll find “Compare and Edit” is spoken about in great detail, and you can learn what the text color means, how to use filters, and so on.


I hope that helps!



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