Quick Tip: Data Panel Navigation

Bryce Heventhal October 18, 2017 1 min read


Browsing and searching for data can be one of the most time consuming tasks, but a very necessary one. Mastering the data panel is essential to ensure you find the correct data and get you back to modeling. Watch this QUICK TIP to learn a few golden nuggets while using the data panel:



Are you a team player? Then, you might be a member of a few Fusion 360 projects. If you’re like me, your data panel is filled with projects. Browsing through your list of projects can be time consuming and overwhelming. Instead of looking at the entire list, you can use the filters at the bottom of the data panel to shorten the list of projects.



Why browse when you can search?  By default, Fusion 360 searches the current project, but you can use the down arrow to start searching “All Data” or a specific project. Once your Fusion 360 design has been located, you can open, insert into current design, and more.


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