QUICK TIP: Custom Threads

by Aaron.Magnin 4 years ago 1 min read

In this QUICK TIP, we’re passing the reins over to Sam Birchenough from BRCHN Design House, so he can show you his innovative solution to a common problem: custom thread profiles.


Before jumping into it, let’s tell you a little about BRCHN Design House. BRCHN uses Fusion 360 to take concepts to market across a number of industries, including robotics, personal transportation, consumer tech…and that list keeps getting longer as every update opens up new frontiers! In addition to using Fusion 360 for its powerful design capabilities, Sam pushes the envelope when rendering, and by using the integrated prototyping technology to design sustainable, manufacturable, and distinctive designs that blur the border between art and science.


In the following, Sam shows how he was able to make custom threads for a recent project:



Big thanks to BRCHN for sharing their solution! If you have other tips that you want to share with the community, add them to the comments below or reach out to us on the forum.



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