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QUICK TIP: Click and Drag

The other day I thought I had lost my mind for a moment…when I attempted to click and drag on components in a design, it was instead making a section box. I tried and tried, until I realized something.  That “something” was that when you’re not capturing the history of a design, you can’t readily do this. I say “readily” there because you CAN click and drag on components, it just requires a special option be turned on (or you can hold the “alt” key…alternatively).


To see how to do this, and ponder why clicking and dragging in a history free design mode might be a bad idea, check out the QUICK TIP below:



For those of wondering about the other QUICK TIP I reference as being “craaaaazy efficient”, click here. In that video my coworker, Bryce, is able to build all the appropriate mechanics into an imported design in less than three minutes in real time!


Hope that helps!


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