QUICK TIP: Buckling in 3

Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin August 1, 2017

1 min read

Buckling is an important failure criterion to test for, even if a static stress study determines that your models won’t yield. This is because buckling failure is NOT necessarily a function of stress, but one of instability. This means that it can occur at low stress values…or when you least expect it!


The good news is, that if you know what you’re looking for, predicting buckling potential is easy. In the following QUICK TIP I’ll talk about this, before showing you how to interpret the results (and how you can improve those further). Watch it below:



So there you have it…the next time you’re working with a model that’s “slender” and in compression, you have a quick and easy way to test for buckling failure. This is especially true if you’re able to clone an existing study, thereby avoiding boundary condition recreation.


That’s all for today, thanks for watching!



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