QUICK TIP: Avoid Costly NC Errors by Improving Your Toolpath Simulations

by Lars Christensen 5 years ago 1 min read

You need to be able to trust that what you program in Fusion 360 accurately reflects what arrives at your CNC machine. That is why simulating your toolpath is so important, but without an accurate representation of your stock, how accurate is your simulation?


One of the great things about CAM inside Fusion 360 is that not only can you simulate the toolpath but you can also see how it is going to affect the material. In this tip, we are going to take it a step further because in Fusion 360 you can also use one of your solid models as stock. 


This is a great feature if you have a part that has more than one operation or, as in this case, it is a casting that just needs a couple of features machined.



Are you new to CAM?– check out this video series on the basics of CAM with Fusion 360, then come back to this quick tip.




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