QUICK TIP: Automatic Sketch Profiles

by Aaron.Magnin 4 years ago 1 min read

Last week at Autodesk University –between classes, walking the exhibit hall, and listening to inspiring keynotes– I spent my time speaking to Fusion 360 users from all ends of the globe. Part of the reason is that I love hearing what people are making and how they’re changing the world, but part of what I was looking for were QUICK TIPS; those morsels of information I could pass along to make YOUR Fusion 360 experience more productive.


Luckily, I ran into Dave Clarke of VOX Amplification. Dave is a seasoned Fusion 360 user and gallery contributor, so when he told me what he recently learned about extrudes and sketching, I knew it was something I needed to share. Here it is:



As you can see, there are advantages to the way that Fusion 360 handles sketch faces, but sometimes this behavior can create unwanted sketch profiles. I hope that in knowing how it works and the offset trick, you’ll find your next designs coming together faster than before.


If you were unable to make it to Autodesk University this year, we’d love to see you in 2017! A handful of presentations are available to watch here, and any Fusion 360 user will want to see this one, in particular. 


Have a great week!




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