QUICK TIP: Appearances 101

by Aaron.Magnin 3 years ago 1 min read

If you’ve struggled to control the appearance of imported models in Fusion 360, or simply want to scrap the current appearances and start fresh, this QUICK TIP is for you! You’ll be able to watch as I first clean up, then adjust the appearance of a drone that was sent to me (& used) in the Composite Connectors video from a couple weeks ago:



I hope that in watching this, you get a couple new tricks up your sleeve for the next time you’re struggling to control those appearances. For me, when I learned to “delete all unused” and “delete and un-assign”, it was a game-changer.


I do plan on following up with an appearances 201 –and possibly a 300-level course– because the deeper you go into this subject, the more questions arise! If there’s something you’ve struggled with let us know below, or in the YouTube comments.



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