QUICK TIP: Advanced Rendering

Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin August 29, 2017

1 min read

In today’s QUICK TIP, Jamie Scherer from the Fusion Adoption team will show you how you can use joints to help create high quality renderings and animations in Fusion 360. This method came about after working with James Passmore –a Fusion 360 power user– who was looking to gain more control over the turntable renderings. By using the method presented here, you can gain infinite control over the lighting, while adding motion and partial turntable renderings.



In addition, I recently posted a MAC only tip for those of you out there you are having difficulty finding that shortcut after a reinstall or update. Check it out here:



We hope these QUICK TIPS continue to help! As always, let us know if there’s something specific you want to learn about.





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