QUICK TIP: Adding Joints Between Two Faces

Bryce Heventhal January 12, 2016 1 min read

In complex assemblies, a variety of mate types are used to demonstrate the proper fit and motion among components. Even in simple assemblies, componenets are often required to be centered between two faces. In Fusion 360, this type of relationship can be created with a right click. While in the joint command, right click, select “between two faces”, then select the two surrounding faces. Next, a joint origin can be referenced off any parametric deterministic points in the model, which will propogate between the two selected faces. Here is the awesome part: This workflow works for any of the joint types (rigid, revolute, slider, etc). 



In other CAD tools, aditional workplanes are required to make this type of relationship. The “between two faces” option streamlines this process by automating the creation of a joint between two faces. This type of relationship is also called width mate. 


 Finally, try this workflow on some angled faces (shown below). Fusion 360 will find a midplane between the two angled faces to create a joint origin.



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