QUICK TIP: 3D Printing App

by Aaron.Magnin 5 years ago 1 min read

For the July App of the Month selection, we’ve picked an inconspicuously named, but incredibly powerful 3D printing app….aptly named 3D Printing App.


Made by 3YourMind, this app will empower designers and engineers looking to 3D print designs with information critical to 3d printing success. After installation, selecting the newly created 3D Printer App button will analyze the design, generate pricing for a wide array of materials, and even provide estimated delivery dates! Once the user has found a material of choice (using filters help on that front), they are connected to a diverse sampling of 3D print shops, where additional details and options can be defined. Best of all, this powerful service is offered free of charge!


Watch the QUICK TIP below to see a preview of the capabilities:


As nice as that preview is, it doesn’t really do the 3D Printing App justice. To really see how helpful this tool is, download and try it for yourself!






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