QUICK TIP: 2D Cutting Jump Start

Avatar Lars Christensen June 13, 2017

1 min read

In this QUICK TIP, we’ll take a look at the 2D Cutting functionality within Fusion 360’s CAM workspace, which will address the needs for your waterjet, laser, or plasma cutting machines. The funny thing is, that since this is considered to be a less complicated task when compared to other machine processes, many shops just opt to use the default software that shipped with their machines. In doing so, they miss out on the power that Fusion 360 will enable. To see just what we’re talking about, watch the QUICK TIP:



As you can see, using Fusion 360 for these needs will open up intelligent selection tools, it’ll enable you to define your nozzles, you can reuse your verified feeds and speeds,
AND of course, my favorite has to be working with an integrated design tool. Why? Because there’s always a design change looming, and when they come, your Fusion 360 defined toolpaths will update along with the 3D model! I understand it’s human nature to stick with what we already know, but switching from your out-dated software and replacing it with Fusion 360, will be a big time saver.


As always, thanks for reading, watching, and participating!



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