New prosthetic designs presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Moscow

Natalia Raykova
by Natalia Raykova 4 years ago 3 min read

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, Russian prosthesis manufacturer Motorica and designer Nikita Replyanski presented unique functional hand prostheses, including a musical drum prosthesis and a fashion prosthesis with wings.







Nikita Replyanski is the designer of these innovative devices. “I want people with differences to have the opportunity to show their individuality. I think their differences can be viewed as an opportunity, not as a disadvantage. The prosthesis can be a stylish accessory, like for Aymana, or a unique gadget like for Konstantine, and be as much a part of an individual style, as fashionable shoes or a hat. ” says Replyanski.


The Process

The design process begins with obtaining measurements and discussing the needs and wishes of each prosthesis owner, as each emphasize individuality, interests and even musical tastes.


Next, designers and engineers discuss the design concept and agree on the general idea, and then a 3D computer model of the product is created. Nikita primarily uses Fusion 360, as it allows him to design an industrial-like product while at the same time allowing him to create photorealistic images of the future prosthesis.


After receiving approvals, the design is sent for 3D printing in Some elements of the product (for example, fingertips) can be manufactured by creating silicone molds. After this, the final assembly of all elements and electronics, and the fitting of the prosthesis are carried out. These two prostheses, specifically were designed and manufactured in just one month by a team of several people.


Replyanski on Fusion 360

“As for Fusion 360, I have been an active user for about 3 years. The program itself and the community around it literally developed before my eyes, from initially being seen as new innovative software to now being an indispensable tool for modern industrial designers and concept artists.


“The main feature of Fusion 360 for me is the direct link between the three types of modeling: solid, surface and polygonal. It allows you to easily make really complex objects, while preserving the accuracy and functionality of 3D models ready for real production. Additionally, the built-in renderer and the database of materials allow you to get a preliminary picture of the product in a few minutes, which helps you to feel the design better at the design stage.


“By working with CAD models of active prosthetic assemblies, I used my experience of polygonal modeling to create functional models, not limiting myself to simple forms. Thus, in a short time, approximately 3 weeks, I was able to create a full-fledged unique mechanical prosthesis of two types of hands in a team with an engineer.” explains Replyanski.


Take a look here to see the Motorica prosthesis design process in Fusion 360.


About Motorica

Motorica develops and manufactures modern individual prostheses for the hands and forearms of children and adults. Prostheses have conformity declarations and can be obtained free of charge at the expense of state compensation for Russian citizens. Each prosthesis is designed individually by the user’s standards and created on industrial 3D-printers. Motorica has a completely new design process which allows clients to easily master the prosthesis. Their goal is to not only solve everyday problems with the help of modern equipment (prostheses), but also to exceed the capabilities of ordinary people and add confidence for each user.


About Nikita Replyanski

Nikita Replyanski is a Russian designer and concept artist. After several years of working in the computer gaming industry, he was intrigued by the idea of using his artistic design skills in developing real world objects. Today, he continues to be inspired by the aesthetics of human interaction and technology. His work becomes not just beautiful pictures, but functional objects that emphasize the individuality of the owner.


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