Product Surfacing with T-Splines and Parametric Solid Modeling Tools @ AU 2016

by cekuhnen 4 years ago 1 min read

Product Surfacing AU 2016


This year at Autodesk University 2016, I will be presenting “Product Surfacing with T-Splines and Parametric Solid Modeling Tools


Have you ever wanted to edit the CVs of a BREP surface to sculpt them more in a parametric workflow in Fusion 360? Then this class is for you!


This class will demonstrate a workflow that uses the T-Splines module in Fusion 360 to create NURBS, like surface patches following a general layout concepts from traditional NURBS surfacing, utilizing sketches as a base start for creating T-Splines single surfaces and adjusting the surface via CV sculpting.


The resulting T-Splines driven BREP surfaces can then be paired with Fusion 360’s fantastic surface and solid modeling tools inside the parametric timeline environment.


In addition, this class will elaborate on proper T-Spline patch topology to maximize resulting BREP surface quality for further modeling steps inside the parametric timeline and best practice in how to structure your design approach.


Hope to see you at AU 2016!

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