• Tip Tuesday: Making Real Threads in Fusion 360

     Modeling threads on a part is literally as easy as clicking a button in Fusion 360. Here is how do it! 

  • Bike Design Project: Ultimate urban utility bike

    We love bikes, their functionality, and the freedom to explore on the Fusion 360 team. But most of all we love the design. That’s why we’re supporting The Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project, a contest to design and build the ultimate urban utility bike. Five of the country’s most innovative design firms and bike builders will…

  • FrankenTech Challenge 3: Wristwatch + Smartphone

    Announcing the third design problem for the FrankenTech Challenge: Fuse a wrist watch and a smartphone. What can you come up with?

  • Tip Tuesday: 5 good-to-know preferences

    In case you haven't noticed, there are a bunch of useful options in Fusion 360 Preferences that can better your Fusion 360 experience. Here are 5 that are good to know. 

  • Tip Tuesday: Bust a move…command

    Theres more to the move command than you might think. Click through to find out how you can use it as a direct modeling tool that can be more powerful than the press-pull command. 

  • Design Challenge: FrankenTech challenge 2

     What happens when 2 ordinary gadgets are fused together into one extraordinary 3D design? Test your creativity and design skills with this challenge for students (though anyone can partipate). Different project every 2 weeks.

  • Fusion 360 is different than the rest (Discuss)

    Fusion 360 is working to help you design differently.  There is plenty of talk going on about what people want and need from their design tools.  Over the last weeks I have been watching a thread in the Solidworks forum and thought we would set a few things straight.  

  • Get more from automatic preview renderings

    Want nice renderings for your models? Looking for that eye catching image to use in the Fusion 360 Gallery? Use the automaticaly gennerate preview images from your dashboard.

  • Want design drawings? Fusion 360 Documentation beta is open – UPDATED

    Our Fusion 360 beta may be over, but the documentation beta is still open for testing! Click through to get the download link.

  • What we like to use when designing in Fusion 360

    The inputs you use to get your ideas out in the design environment are sometimes just as important as the design environment itself, and there are so many choices to choose from. Here are what 5 Autodeskers who've shared awesome designs to the Gallery like using when they design in Fusion 360. Click through to…

  • Fusion 360 Publisher beta starts today!

     Good news! Here is your opportunity to test out the new exploded views and animation technology for Fusion 360, now in beta. Click through for an overview video and learn how you can participate.    

  • January 2014 Update Is Available

    Over this last year you have challenged us to improve how designing happens. Since the start, Fusion 360 has, and continues to be, a movement driven by our user base. We have listened to you and we have worked quickly. Today, we are delighted to welcome you to the new updated version!  So come join us…

  • Fusion 360 UAV Challenge Completed! Let’s save some animals!

      Happy new year everyone! We hope you all had a terrific holiday break. A few of us here in Portland, Oregon had a pretty exciting December. We finished up our UAV crowd source challenge with ADX Portland and Fusion 360 community member Stan Hisel. Two teams participated in a one-week challenge to design small, inexpensive, fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles with the purpose of surveying wildlife preserves to help prevent poaching.  We're…

  • A new version of Fusion 360 is now in beta

    What to try a new version of Fusion 360? Click through to learn more about the beta and how you can participate! 

  • Holiday design challenge: DIY Ornament

      We need your help on a fun project!  Join the Fusion family as we CAD our own ornaments in Fusion and hang our favorites on the community tree.