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Avatar herzinj December 23, 2014

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Congratulations to Vlad Kindysov for winning the December Model of the Month challenge for one of the most detailed designs I have ever seen using Fusion 360.  Take a look at this amazing robot model and read on to learn more about our designer and how Fusion is helping him to create designs like never before!


Learn about Vlad, (straight from him):


“My name is Vladislav Kindyushov, I live in Sochi, Russia (Remember the 2014 Olympics? That’s the place!), with my wife and beautiful daughter. I am 24 and work as a freelance designer. Computer graphics is my passion; it helps me to create something out of nothing. I started to learn 3D CAD modeling as a hobby, without any art or technical education. After some time, I began to look for a job in CG and CAD modeling with help from my friends. Now, what used to be my hobby provides for my family.”


My Journey with CAD:


“I had been looking for a program to do hard surface modeling for a long time because it is a very difficult task to create a model with sharp-ended details on curve surfaces. For that task, you need to add new loops, but this typically breaks the model geometry in traditional CAD. I was trying to use different programs focusing on NURBS or other systems but for a simple painter they are very complicated and don’t feel natural. Since we were working with this software 8+ hours per day, it became very important that we were comfortable with the product.


Discouraged by how cumbersome our existing CAD package was, I sat on YouTube and searched for a solution for these problems. After some time, I found Fusion 360. After watching the videos, I was impressed with the ease of execution of complex shapes for polygon modeling. But still I wasn’t sure that Fusion 360 is exactly what I was looking for because it requires high accuracy and I was used to doing everything by eye (at least other CAD systems didn’t give me any convenience). I went to the Fusion 360 gallery to make sure that they had some art work that was not engineering-related and a little closer to what I typically work with. There, I found a design called Guangnan Wei – Car, which gave me hope that Fusion 360 was exactly what I was looking for and I decided to give the trial version a shot. As you remember, I was in search of a program for hard surface modeling. To try out the functionality, I remembered that I saw a robotic concept on in their gallery, designed by Palubasu, this would be a perfect test, so I decided to do it. All of the parts of my robot were made in Fusion 360 except for some wires and couple of minor modeling details which were made in Nvil.”


Final image.jpg


How Fusion 360 Makes a Difference:


“Next, I’d like to talk about the moments which really impressed me in Fusion 360. Firstly, its interface; it is very easy and convenient at the same time, quickly allowing access for all options. Secondly of course its history; that’s INSANE! At any time you can go back to any filet or extrude and change any detail you don’t like. I also really liked how interactive all of the tools are, being able to push/pull the design instead of using exact dimensions each time.  It is very convenient for the artist! The simplicity which the filet and array commands work every time I tried was also a pleasure! Of course, Fusion 360 has some negatives, such as absence of hotkeys and the inability to create curves which don’t relate to a sketch. I think in nearly future Fusion 360 will solve these problems, because they seem to develop new features so quickly.


Here is a video of my projects. I cannot call them tutorial videos as I recorded them for my friends who wanted to see the program that I have been talking about, but you might learn some of the tricks I use for my designs by watching.”



Congratulations to Vlad once again for winning the Model of the Month for December!  This is a great example of design and art coming together, as well as how quickly one can learn Fusion 360 and make intricate projects after having worked with other CAD packages.  I’m looking forward to what everyone will be creating in the New Year and picking the next Model of the Month winner.  With growing interest in Fusion 360, the level of competition keeps going up as this model shows!

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Congratulations to Vlad Kindysov , our December Model of the Month winner, for one of the most detailed designs I’ve even seen using Fusion 360!

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