Make your Wooden Models Flow from Surface to Surface

Avatar MichaelAubry January 7, 2015

1 min read

Happy New Year everyone!  To kick off this year’s 2015 tips-and-tricks videos I was inspired by our wood making community on the discussion forums. Several of you reached out asking how to make your wooden models look even better by lining up the wood grains – ie making models look like a continuous flowing piece of wood from surface to surface. 


The trick is to use surface mapping and some tactical use of manually tweaking material surfaces. This video shows you how. Enjoy!



For more advanced reading still, check out this informative post by Fusion 360 Customer Success Engineer Aradhana Vaidya:

“Method For Creating Wood Material In Fusion”


On the more fun side of things if you didn’t catch last week’s post by JODEM4 be sure to check out his super sexy way to light your appartment on fire (I kid). Seriously, his custom ethanol fireplace is a solid example of the crazy cool stuff all of you are doing with Fusion 360. We can’t wait to see more. 


Happy new year friends. Let us know what you think and be sure to post to the gallery what you design!


Very Best,


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