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Sam Sattel Sam Sattel April 28, 2020

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With remote work becoming globally ubiquitous, there’s never been a better time to embrace the shift. Companies that fail to implement virtual strategies may quickly be left behind. Wouldn’t you want to propel your projects forward anywhere, anytime?


Fusion 360 Team places powerful collaborative tools into professional’s hands. Fusion 360 removes common teamwork bottlenecks — inspiring groups organization-wide to unite. We’ll show you how to spark collaborative action in the following overview.


Let’s Talk User Management



Knowing who to involve in your project takes careful consideration. You must determine roles, stakeholders, deliverables, and project timelines. Furthermore, teams sitting on a mountain of data must tailor access privileges. Fusion 360 Team administrators can do the following:




Fusion 360 Team splits its remaining users into two groups: Project Contributors and Team Members. Think of Team Members as full-fledged users, with access to open projects, closed projects, dynamic roles, and administrative roles. By comparison, Project Contributors have a smaller sphere of influence.


Fusion 360 lets administrators tailor access as needed — keeping crucial information in the right hands. Flexible management options keep teams agile. Teammates can reside both inside and outside of your organization.


Worldwide Sharing Made Simple





Fragmentation is the enemy of productivity. Keeping everyone on the same page helps projects run smoothly. If contributors encounter issues across different platforms, those may be impossible to troubleshoot promptly. You may also have to wrestle with data transfer complexities during the project lifecycle.


With Fusion 360 Team, internal and external participants worldwide can utilize team workspaces and monitor progress. Cloud-based file repositories make it easy to share resources. Design changes are automatically saved and viewable within the team dashboard.


These features keep everyone in the loop. Versioning is no longer a confusing mess! All project assets are neatly organized in a user-friendly format, and best of all, access is unlimited on any compatible device. Your team can even work offline if required.


We can also make sharing public or private. Teammates can share links with stakeholders, who can preview them within any web browser — eliminating the mandate for modeling program ownership. You can bring more people into your project, offering enticing sneak peeks while gathering feedback. The Fusion 360 links are platform agnostic. Customers can download designs in their preferred format with ease.


Annotate to Your Heart’s Content



There are many hands in the collaborative cookie jar. Each department owns its respective portion of the project and has valuable input throughout the project lifecycle. Specific teams, designers, and engineers, mainly work in tandem to produce viable products.


This is where commenting comes in handy. Say we have a drawing where some final revisions are still pending. The design team has proposed an exciting modification but needs to confirm its viability with engineering before proceeding. Organizations can make annotations, highlights, or redlines as required. This referential material is beneficial while shifting priorities and team members can add these comments directly to their 3D models. If you only stick with email correspondence, details can easily be lost in translation. This insightful comment trail is an excellent way to keep everyone engaged.



Raising the Bar for Collaboration


Fusion 360 Team (as part of Fusion 360) is the ultimate collaborative software platform. We understand the design process contains multiple moving parts, which is why we strived to create the ultimate cloud resource. Connecting with your peers doesn’t have to be a convoluted process. Fusion 360 gives teams the power of CAD, CAM, and CAE with unparalleled teamwork features built-in. We invite you to finally enjoy worry-free collaboration.


For more information on how to set up Fusion 360 Team, here are some great resources to get you started:


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