Inventing the Future: AMP’D Gear & Monkey Likes Shiny

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We were very excited to hear that Fusion 360 users, Bill Spracher of AMP’D Gear and Jeff Tiedeken of Monkey Likes Shiny were recognized as recipients of the Autodesk Inventing The Future for March for their innovative and inspiring work around prosthetics equipment.


AMP’D Gear started as a side project to help friends who couldn’t “play in their former world” such as mountain climbing, biking and swimming. The company focuses on building tough, reliable and affordable devices that push the limits of human performance even in physically challenging environments for amputees.




For example, AMP’D Gear creates rock climbing “feet” that grip the rock face and edges for vertical climbing but also have controlled smearing for easy decent. These “feet” can also incorporate a toe clip for mountain biking. They also produce a locking, hinged swim fin adapt that allows easy access in and out of rocky shores. The fin even flips down to allow for a powerful swim kick.


Monkey Likes Shiny’s goal has been to “twist the minds by building amazing concept prototypes” since Day One. Jeff Tiedeken wakes up every day never backing down from a challenge and “enjoys working on the world’s most complex problems.” His goal is to make the world a better place such as with his work with AMP’D Gear or helping out at the local children’s science museum machine shop where he creates tools and exhibits for the next generation of thinkers.


What do you fight for everyday? Do you want to make the world a better place or rejoice in solving the complex problem? Let us know in the comments below.


Read the full Q&A with AMP’D Gear and Monkey Likes Shiny on In The Fold.


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