Introducing Fusion 360 Technical Certificates from SolidProfessor

Tony Glockler
by Tony Glockler 4 years ago 1 min read

Fusion 360 Technical Certificates are a part of a new certification program from SolidProfessor. This program helps engineering design professionals demonstrate their skills in several in-demand categories including Fusion 360 assemblies, drawings, sculpt, and patch.


Technical Certificates, free for SolidProfessor members, are earned by taking a SolidProfessor course and earning an 80% correct or higher on the review test for that course. Each SolidProfessor Fusion 360 Technical Certificate earned can be easily shared on LinkedIn profiles and can also be printed for display.




Earning Fusion 360 Technical Certificates can help engineers get a job or move up in their current job by demonstrating key industry skills and competencies. Tony Glockler, CEO of SolidProfessor, shares that Technical Certificates help encourage designers to continue to improve their skills. “Fusion 360 has more capabilities than ever. Gaining new skills and showcasing your achievements through SolidProfessor’s flexible Technical Certificates will help you stand out to employers, get a promotion, or earn a raise. As you advance in your career, you can stack Fusion 360 credentials for new software releases or capabilities.”


The number of employers using social media to screen candidates has increased 500% over the last decade, according to a CareerBuilder survey. Last year, 60% of employers used social networking sites to research job candidates. LinkedIn states that “on average, members with certificates receive 6x more views to their profile.”

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