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autodesk-university-2016-logo-2-line-color-blackFor 10 Days, starting the Monday after IMTS (September 19th) we ran another Fusion 360 CAM contest on Instagram.  So why a medallion you might ask?  In the spirit of the Olympic season, we decided to provide contestants with a Fusion 360 medallion, and showcase their creative machining skills; or if they choose, design and manufacture their own Fusion 360 medallion.  Well, the reward offered the winner admission and hotel expenses to Autodesk University 2016 (Nov. 15th-17th), and we thought to ourselves, why not send the #fusioncamchallenge winner to AU2016, and have them award the ‘best machinist’ out of NYC CNC’s AU Class with the medallion!


45 participants later, posting a variety of over 158 photos/videos of multiple iterations on the Fusion 360 medallion either machined, CNC routed, or dancing on a 5-axis table, all contestants demonstrated their mastery of the manufacturing process, knowledge of HSM products, and artistic flair.


The first couple of days were quite quiet on Instagram, (maybe because people were recovering from IMTS); but that wasn’t the case after seeing the caliber of entries trickling in.  Everyone wanted that Grand Prize trip to AU2016, and didn’t want to settle for second place.  I have to say, we have some awesome consolation prizes with 3D Connexion Wireless Spacemouse Pro’s, Fusion 360 shop banners, and swag boxes.


To all the contestants, THANK YOU for participating in another #fusioncamchallenge, and as a community, we showed the power of our HSM Products!  We do what we do because we love seeing what you do with it.


“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Steve Jobs


If you didn’t follow the contest, you can see all of the results here:  #fusioncamchallenge #fusionnotatoy




I was honestly going to roll the dice on who to pick for the winner (there were so many great entries), and then Backhand Bikes trump me with this ‘@SSCADCAM style’ production video.  Amish might have to pass the baton over to Jeff this round on a production video, but way to deliver a Hollywood movie trailer on the 11th hour Jeff!  This was definitely stunning, and you made it even a harder decision, but the Oscar ended up going to someone else…


Nice work sir!


Must Have The Music On ???? #fusioncamchallenge #fusionisnotatoy @curtis.chan @awhatmough

A video posted by Backhand Bikes (@backhandbikes) on



You think Ken @ zodiaceng from our first contest took machining to a whole new level?  (Ken is awesome BTW).  Well, Kemal @ kalpay & Brian @ bmp1785 teamed up and presented to us a 24K gold plated Fusion 360 medallion!  Word.


There were a lot of awesome entries, but Kemal and Brian brought the true Olympic gold to the table.  Kemal (Brian’s Boss), let Brian run with it, he did an awesome job!  Talk about great team work between the two.  Call security, because when we hand this over to it’s new owner, they’ll definitely need it.


24 karat gold plated #fusion360 medallion for the #fusioncamchallenge. I got a really big team, they need some really nice things….

A video posted by Kemal Alpay (@kalpay) on


This is our medallion entry for the Autodesk #fusioncamchallenge. Sticking with the spirit of challenge, we download the sample CAD model in Fusion360, made a few small tweaks, and let the chips fly. Material used was 6061 aluminum, followed by a 24 karat gold plating job. This is not a rendering. Check out the video @bmp1785 put together and posted earlier this morning. #fusionisnotatoy #blingbling #autodesk #fusion360

A photo posted by Kemal Alpay (@kalpay) on



The last challenge, all the AE’s unanimously agreed that Rob Lockwood took his rightful place as King of HSM, but what do you do when you get an entry that shows a machining twirling like a ballerina?  Well, you crown him the Prince of HSM I guess.  Nice work @ laurenswijnschenk, and thanks for going the extra mile and machining the ‘gold, silver and bronze’ medallions!


Another sneak peek into the #fusioncamchallenge process. #NotaToy #fusion360 #HSMWorks #AutodeskCAM

A video posted by Laurens Wijnschenk (@laurenswijnschenk) on

Show of the golden medal for the #FusionCAMChallenge , #fusion360 #notatoy #autodesk #hsmworks #instamachinist See the video with footage of all three of the medals.

A photo posted by Laurens Wijnschenk (@laurenswijnschenk) on




Ever seen a piece of fine art and just become mesmerized by the design?  Well, @Evynn was at it again, and created another masterpiece!  Pablo Picasso is probably rolling over in his grave.  Talk about a perfect example showcasing the ‘project’ toolpath strategy within Fusion 360.  If you didn’t see @Evynn’s first #fusioncamchallenge, check it out HERE.


This is the backside of my entry for the #fusioncamchallenge . I wanted to keep the model as close to the sample part as possible. The only changes I've made are a few fillets, as well as reducing the overall thickness. A 2mm ball end mill was used for all the finishing toolpaths. Foto: @dhunsii #fusionisnotatoy #autodeskfusion360 #autodeskcam #cnc #cncmilling #instamachinist #Mazak #autodesk @curtis.chan @awhatmough

A photo posted by Eyvinn Mikkelsen (@eyvinn) on

This is the frontside of my entry for the #fusioncamchallenge . My goal was to highlight the beauty of #fusion360 's adaptive toolpath. The F was first finished with two parallel toolpaths, leaving .1mm stock, which was then followed by 3D adaptive clearing with a 2mm ball end mill with .1mm fine stepdown. The design on the outside ring was done using two different radial toolpaths. Foto: @dhunsii #fusionisnotatoy #autodeskfusion360 #autodeskcam #cnc #cncmilling #instamachinist #Mazak #autodesk @curtis.chan @awhatmough

A photo posted by Eyvinn Mikkelsen (@eyvinn) on



I expected nothing less from Mr. Expert Elite, Seth Madore @liberty_machine, by putting together the ultimate Fusion 360 desk trophy – 5 components, 3 materials and 16 screws later, we have another masterpiece from him.


@curtis.chan I humbly present my submission for the #fusioncamchallenge. Going into this, I knew that everyone and his brother was going to work for the "cool" tool path and pattern. Fusion 360 is so much more than that and I wanted a trophy that would showcase the many facets of this great software. 5 components, 3 materials and 16 screws later, I think it came out pretty sweet ???? Yes, the logo is 3d from the back @awhatmough #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #fusionisnotatoy #timetogetbacktowork #selfemployedstartsnow

A photo posted by Liberty Machine Inc (@liberty_machine) on


Pre assembly pictures #fusioncamchallenge

A photo posted by Liberty Machine Inc (@liberty_machine) on



The day my daughters nightlight went out, @averworks posts this beautiful replacement!  An aluminum body with an acrylic insert LED backlit, all machined on a CNC converted Harbor Freight Mini Mill with an Arduino controller.


Final picture of my Fusion CAM Challenge entry. Aluminum medallion with acrylic insert backlit with LEDs. All machined on a CNC converted Harbor Freight mini mill with an Arduino controller. Thank you to Autodesk and the Fusion360 team for the great tools that help make ideas real.

A photo posted by Tim Averbeck (@averworks) on



I got a lot of direct messages on Instagram saying that people were pressed for time due to their day to day machining jobs, and couldn’t make the time for this #fusioncamchallenge.  Totally understand, and NYC CNC was one of those guys; but I was happy to hear he was still able to throw in his 10 cents.  Literally!


Check out his Fusion Friday Video around it.


Our $0.10 entry to the #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #fusionisnotatoy video coming today on #nyccnc YouTube channel! Machines on @tormach #440 🙂 #instamachinist

A photo posted by Saunders Machine Works (@saundersmachineworks) on



Call this fossil looking, or just plain historic, but our friends across the pond (actually the Pacific Ocean in relation to where I’m at) @reckless_gav delivered a beautiful imprint of a fern.


Done and dusted…..first #fusion360 part completed.first time ive ever used a .6mm endmill aswell.#adskfusion360 #fusioncamchallenge #notatoy

A photo posted by Gavin Thomas (@reckless_gav) on



(Key THIS music as you watch each video)


When you have access to a Datron NEO, why not make a spinner Fusion 360 Medallion! All @causeimcnc needs is a matching chain.


So here's the final close-up of my #fusioncamchallenge medaillon! MCD and carbide tools on brass, copper and acrylic gave life to this shiny part! #fusion360 #fusion #fusionisnotatoy #autodesk #datron #datronneo #m10pro #cam #instamachinist #cncporn #cncmilling #vegasbaby #au2016

A video posted by Marc Reis (@causeimcnc) on


Also, we can’t forget about excel machine @ xcel_machine, who gave @causeimcnc a run for his money.


Finally finished with my entry for the #fusioncamchallenge . Good mix of cool toolpaths and design!!!! #fusion360 #notatoy #fusionisnotatoy #instamachinist #cncporn #machinistporn @curtis.chan

A video posted by Josh Leinweber (@xcel_machine) on


Chocolate Fever    

With the holidays around the corner, talk about a creative gift for the Autodesk team! (hint, hint @morganoliff:-)) Glad to see the chocolate didn’t melt as you were machining it.


How fast is #fusion360 ? Well I just machined this milk chocolate #fusioncamchallenge medallion before it melted. ????

A photo posted by Morgan (@morganoliff) on


The Christmas Ornament 

Once I saw self taught machinist @ E_schnei dangle his masterpiece, it reminded me of an ordainment twertling on a Christmas Tree.


CNC Milled with love for the homies at @adskfusion360. @curtis.chan @awhatmough. #fusioncamchallenge #fusionnotatoy. I started cutting shapes out of bars of aluminum a little over 4 months ago with solely the YouTube education of @saundersmachineworks and @johngrimsmoknives. CAD/CAM has become one of the coolest hobbies I've ever had.

A video posted by Eric Schneiter (@e_schneit) on


The Fast and the Furious 

Expect to see @Proteumach entry in the next Fast and Furious Movie as an oil cap under the hood of an Acura Integra.  The first thing that came to mind when seeing this billet aluminum piece, was how much it resembled the oil cap I had under the hood of my Integra back in high school (Minus the ‘F’).  It was all about that attention to detail under the hood.


Well I hate to take a DNF so I at least tried to get as much done as possible with the power outage earlier and the lack of open machine time this week. Here it is 11:37 and I am at least happy with what I've finished so far. Original design and Fusion F, center section Brass 360 with the outer ring of 6061. The plan was to put bearings in the ring and have the center piece spin. One side of the F shows off 3 different 3D toolpaths (scallop, radial, and contour) while the other was a blast of parallel. I learned a ton on this project, from getting the hang of T-Splines to new ways to think about 3D toolpaths to get the blends I wanted. Wish I had some more time to perfect this! #instamachinist #cnc #fusion360 #fusionisnotatoy #fusioncamchallenge #kitamura #sparkchanger #autodesk #autodeskcam #destinytool #cncmachining

A photo posted by Proteum Machining (@proteummach) on


Johnny 5

If you were a product of the 80’s, you know who Johnny 5 is.  (If not, click HERE)

Glad to see he threw in his 10 cents. @ tonyclouser


He says he's got this in the bag …. #ohrobi #fusioncamchallenge #winnerwinnerchickendinner #robi#robots#robotswithsharpies#instamachinist #machinistlife #shoplife

A photo posted by Tony Clouser (@tonyclouser) on

Honorable Mentions

There were so many excellent submissions, we wish we could have highlighted them all! Feel free to take a glimpse below of other fabulous entries, and to view all of the submissions – check our the Instagram hash tag #FusionCAMchallenge


One thing is clear, expect to see another one of these contests in the future, and if you have any ideas around the next one, feel free to share in the comments below!


Next time, we’ll have to count Autodesk employees in the competition!


I've been using #fusion360 CAD/CAM for my recent #safetyrazor designs. This will be my entry into a contest they are doing. Not done yet but getting there. For those of you interested in designing your own razor or #shavingbrush make sure to download the software. It's currently free for hobby use and can create files used in #3dprinting and machining. Maybe we should do a shaving brush handle design contest? #autodesk #fusionisnotatoy #fusioncamchallenge @curtis.chan @awhatmough

A photo posted by Charcoal Goods – Brian Twilley (@charcoalgoods) on

Final fun in the #fusioncamchallenge this time I made up my own part based off the original and used the laser cam portion of fusion and my #smoothieware converted laser to laser up this fun edge lit part. I didn't get to finish my plan. But I learned a ton tonight so I'm still happy. #notatoy #fusion360 @curtis.chan #lasersarepeopletoo #lasercamftw #sharks #lazerrrrrr #k40 #laserweb #smoothieboard #ineedtosleep #instamachinist

A photo posted by Joseph Spanier (@nemesis.robotics) on

Too tired to explain….

A photo posted by Shawn Armstrong (@sharmstr) on

Word. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 @the_d3vastator

A photo posted by @curtis.chan on

Not too shabby for someone in the cnc game for just over a month… #FusionCamChallenge #Fusion360 #NotaToy

A photo posted by Liberty Precision Rifles (@liberty_precision_rifles) on

Heres my entry for the #fusioncamchallenge I put the design through @autodesk123d Make to low poly it. Then sliced with Simplify3d and printed on my 3d printer. I dont have access to a cnc machine. #fusion360 #notatoy @curtis.chan

A photo posted by Kirby (@keebie81) on

Getting there #fusion360camchallenge #fusion360 #fusionnotatoy #adsk #autodesk #FusionCAMchallenge#fusionisnotatoy#smwgaw

A photo posted by danielscnc (@danielscnc) on







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