Turn Your Ideas Into Products Faster With the Fusion 360 Product Design Extension

Shannon McGarry April 22, 2022 1 min read

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Check out three key Fusion 360 Product Design Extension features that enable you to focus more time on the function and aesthetics of your product.


Manufacturing Aware Technology

The Fusion 360 Product Design Extension allows you to shave time off your product design process by automating and parametrically defining boss features. You’re can configure parts and store them as a default. This includes dozens of options for details like fastener types, thread forms, material options, and more. 

Having these features be automatically created is one thing, but having them be fully parametrically constrained is even better. With each characteristic tied to parameters, you can change the boss’ sub-features, including draft angle or shoulder depth. You can also change their overall positioning within your design.

Geometric patterning

Process automation is critical when shipping any consumer product. Finding gains and throughput by understanding where you can spend less time can profoundly impact the success of your product at market. The Fusion 360 Product Design Extension makes it easier than ever to apply highly customizable geometric patterns with user-defined or predefined objects. This allows you to iterate quickly through different surfacing textures on features like grips or speaker grills. 

The geometric patterning tool enables multiple iterations through intelligent automation. Get exactly what you’ve envisioned without the headaches with custom design starting shapes or using characteristics like positioning, scale, spread, or densities.

Feature-based automation

When working in the product design space, it’s essential to automate and expand existing tools. With the Product Design Extension, you gain access to snap-fit. It’s automated, easy to use, and editable by tying it to parameters. It lets you define a set of standard snap fits for your needs. Intelligent Automation also knows when to impact-related bodies to accommodate the corresponding group. You can choose from parallel, perpendicular, and loop and design your own custom fittings. 

These tools enable you to focus more time on the function and aesthetics of your product by increasing modeling efficiency and editing capabilities. 

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