IdeaStation Update September 2016

Keqing Song
by Keqing Song 4 years ago 6 min read

It’s been awhile since Mike Prom (and his newborn baby, now a lot bigger!) updated us on how the IdeaStation is going, so I’ve taken the liberty to do it this time around. With the new process in place, we’ve been reading through many of your highly voted ideas, discussing as a team, leaving our comments, and marking them with the appropriate status. 


Balancing Problem Vs. Solution


When we review ideas, we tend to focus more on the problem that you are pointing out, rather than just the proposed solution. Why? Because Jump to Conclusions Mat. But seriously, it prevents us from jumping into a specific design experience that may not be the best when taking into account the overall direction of the product and it’s experience. I’m not saying that we don’t consider your idea for a solution though, some of your suggestions are incredibly creative and that’s the power of crowd sourcing ideas!  We evaluate each one and lay all options on the table to make sure whichever one we choose, we are providing the best solution.


Let’s see what we’ve accomplished in the past 3 months.


33 Ideas have been marked as Implemented

Some of these ideas are older ideas that we’ve just marked as implemented, and some are new ones that just got released. Others may have been implemented as a similar variation or as a first phase of a multi-phase project but solves the same problem.


lightbulb_implemented Drawing Layouts lightbulb_implemented Unify WWW & APP Profile information lightbulb_implemented Slow down the default RPMs
lightbulb_implemented Offset on Rectangle lightbulb_implemented Explode and Assemble lightbulb_implemented Boolean or combine selections
lightbulb_implemented Remove Arrowhead on leader option in 2D Drawings lightbulb_implemented Better versioning and fewer auto saved versions lightbulb_implemented Intelligent Snap points
lightbulb_implemented Sculpt > Collapse lightbulb_implemented Make orbit manipulation as easy as possible lightbulb_implementedExport to .obj
lightbulb_implemented 2D Drawing Association lightbulb_implemented Remove the “always save on close” option from the close dialog lightbulb_implemented Add support or library for 8020 products
lightbulb_implemented Guide Geometry in Sketches lightbulb_implemented Add a save feature to Print Studio lightbulb_implemented Elliptical radius option in the Fillet tool
lightbulb_implemented Group elements in timeline lightbulb_implemented Create a drawing problem lightbulb_implemented Drawings symbols
lightbulb_implemented IdeaStation SSL issue lightbulb_implemented Plane at an angle bug lightbulb_implemented Texture shading
lightbulb_implemented Shortcut for 3D Orbit lightbulb_implemented Make command like revolve work along surface edges, not only faces lightbulb_implemented Sweep with multiple rails or centerline(s)
lightbulb_implemented Design Aspects Hierarchies lightbulb_implemented Cloud Sync upload deltas and in reverse chronological order lightbulb_implemented Mesh tools testing group
lightbulb_implemented Control point spline lightbulb_implemented Custom drawing title block lightbulb_implementedMake orbit manipulation as easy as possible


17 Ideas have been Accepted



These ideas are now part of a project that our development teams are working on, or are already being worked on as a slightly different variation, yet still solving the same problem. Many of these are coming in the next few updates, or at least within the next 6 months. Woohoo!


lightbulb_implementedImport SVG file at the same size as in Illustrator
lightbulb_implementedAdd “to next” for extrude extents
lightbulb_implementedLock file or mark as read only
lightbulb_implementedSave, Don’t Save, and Cancel on closing a design
lightbulb_implementedRotate view on drawing sheet
lightbulb_implementedAdd other contact types in simulation models
lightbulb_implementedShape generator
lightbulb_implementedCam ability to set a post processor default
lightbulb_implementedBreak all subsequent links and selected links
lightbulb_implementedCenter of Gravity and Center of Moments
lightbulb_implementedSTL import unit selection
lightbulb_implementedRemove 3D print from toolbar
lightbulb_implementedBetter drawing function
lightbulb_implementedSupport insert and copy between projects

lightbulb_implementedNo limit to zoom in
lightbulb_implementedMeasure an arc radius lightbulb_implementedSelect edges by selecting a face


42 Ideas are Future Considerations


We’ve all done this. We’ve all said it, at some point, when we find something missing in a piece of software.


“It would literally take them 5 minutes to do”.


Sure, there are things that we can just knock out and get on with our lives, yet many times it’s not as easy as it looks. Changes in software development need to be prioritized against other work in the backlog, and may have to bump other important work down depending on it’s own importance. This takes time, not to mention the research (if needed), development, testing, and integration that follows.


Custom Shortcut keys have been a popular idea that we see come up every now and then. We love this idea, and trust me, I want this as bad as you do. This project is in our backlog, however we’re not confident enough to give a time estimate on when it’s coming yet.


Using multiple sketches as a single Splitting Tool has been getting lots of votes, and why not? It’s a great idea. We have this prioritized on our back log and will keep you all updated on its progress.


Pressing ESC to stock current tasks would be tremendous, we couldn’t agree more. Good news is that we have been working on providing the ability to interrupt compute.  Unfortunately, it’s proven to be a rather large task.  We’re implementing some core framework changes that should make this possible, but we’re not yet close enough to provide a date.


The ability to sort and group features in browser folders have a ton of votes, and we agree, we need this. This is in our backlog as we are currently working on building browser folders.


With this context, here are the other great ideas that we would love to do, and are considering for future updates.


Accessible user parameters for linked assemblies and components

Custom shortcut map keys

Don’t allow duplicate filenames in the same folder

Allow sorting and grouping folders in the browser

Importing AI and PDF files for sketches

Allow 2 tangent circle to use arcs/circles for tangents

Correct gear generator

Dockable Usable Parameter

Surface continuity options for Loft surfaces

Belt generator

Dogbone fillet feature

Keyboard shortcuts contextual

Splitting tool to support several sketch elements

Lay flat multiple selected faces for export to dxf laser cutting

Boost stl and obj quad conversion

Better loft profile options

Dual units
A more professional material library

Aerodynamic simulation wind tunnel

Add arc length to radius dimension options
 2D drawings create interruptions and breaks in dimension lines

Tool-path trimming

Tangent joint
Fillet blend

UI customization

Add ability to define user defined parameters on the fly
 Clockwise strategy to remove unnecessary retract movements for adaptive clearing

Surface continuity improvements

Join line/curve segments into a single entity in sketch
 Curved Slider Joint

Use stock from previous operation in new setup

Add advanced materials for Simulation
 Drawing broken view for long parts

Engineering toolbox for calculation and automatic part

Ability to stop current tasks
 Ability to leave parameters window open while working

Color choices for interface

Change order of user parameters
 Better tools to add edge loops to T-Splines

Joints to constrain animations

Show what referenced designs will be deleted


We have 370+ Ideas Implemented thanks to you! 


“When you do something right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all” – God from Futurama.


I’m a firm believer of that quote (also a huge Futurama fan). There are times it may not seem like we did much in a given update, but rest assured, there are tons of fixes and improvements that happen behind the scenes. We want you to have the latest, while having it be better, faster, and more stable. We will continue to implement ideas and this number will only get higher and higher. Thanks for being such an awesome community! Upward and onward!


Keqing and the Fusion 360 Team



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