Haas Tooling in the Fusion 360 Tool Library

Shannon McGarry
Shannon McGarry February 2, 2022 2 min read

We closely partner with Haas Automation to seamlessly integrate Haas CNC machines and Fusion 360. Let’s look at the Haas tooling available for the Fusion 360 tool library.


Haas tooling supplies a product line of tools and holders that you can purchase directly from Haas Automation. We’ve worked closely with the team at Haas Automation to develop a library of their tools specifically for Fusion 360.

How to get started

The first step is to go to the Autodesk Fusion 360 tools website. Next, search for Haas in the search bar, and the Haas tooling library will appear. Click For Fusion 360 to download the library that you’ll import.

Haas tooling in Fusion 360

In Fusion 360, open the Tool Library, right-click on Cloud or Local in the left panel, and select Import Libraries. You’ll see a new library containing Haas cutting tools.

Note: These tools also include cutting data, such as feeds, speeds, step-downs, and stepovers for a range of different materials. A link to each tool’s website is also available for easy purchase when you need it.

The Haas and mill holder is applied to multiple tools by copying the holder then by multi-selecting a few tools in the library and choosing Apply Holding to tools.

Now that the Haas tooling library is ready, you can use these tools for your operations. As shown in the video below, to cut the perimeter of a part, you can use 2D contour and leverage the tool filtering options, to narrow the selection results and choose the perfect tool for the job. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate cutting preset to fine-tune the tool’s behavior on the machine. Presets help to automate the toolpath details, including the speeds, feeds and even the step over when using multiple roughing passes.

The Haas Tool Library includes a variety of material-specific cutting presets, which help you quickly dial in the machine cutting conditions, depending on the type of toolpath you’re creating. Dedicated side milling and slot milling presets are available with the Haas Tool Library.

Once you’ve created all the required operations, you can create an NC program, select one of the many available free Hass post processors and export the NC code.

Here’s a step-by-step video to walk you through the entire process:

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