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Introducing a weekly recap of some key news, events, and resources focused on innovators in product design, development and manufacturing. New posts every Friday.


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Pieces of Advice from the Open-Source Startup Summit

From the difference between community and customers to what makes something truly open source, here are some valuable words of wisdom for open-hardware projects.


Meet the 14 Hottest People Leading the Hardware Revolution in Silicon Valley

A showcase of the innovative leaders of the hardware startups in Northern California.


Dearest Brookstone

An ode to the retailer that valued suppliers and taught early innovators some of their first lessons on how to sell hardware products.


How to Build a Hardware Startup

A complete guide on how to go from idea to market via Adafruit Industries.


“Hardware Is Very Hard”: Why Wearables Aren’t Working (Yet?)

The biggest challenge of wearables is providing long-term value to customers. For example, the longer someone owns an activity tracker, the more quickly the use rate plunges.


Men and Women Divided on The Future of Wearables

A recent survey by Pew Research & Smithsonian Magazine revealed that 59% of women agreed: “It would be change for the worse if most people wear implants or other devices that constantly show them information about the world around them.”


Next Place to Target Your Customers: Their Wrists

Begin your wearable strategy by answering 3 simple questions.


ShopLocket Talks With Chris Anderson, Co-Founder and CEO at 3D Robotics

A discussion around drones, open-source hardware and his experience as a member of the media.




My Personal Chess Set

Thiago Hersan demonstrates how to 3D print and design your own chess set from your own voice by importing audio files to Fusion 360.


Smart Band-Aids

Korean researchers are working to transform the bulky wearable devices into something invisible—even to the wearer themselves. Check out these patches packed with nanomembrane sensors.


Resources & Events:


60 Awesome Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

A guide for streamlining your social media process and measurement.


Hardware Workshop Coming to Toronto

Two-day event focused on helping the next generation of hardware entrepreneurs with lessons learned directly from startup veterans.


Makers’ Invasion of Europe

Makers aren’t limited to North America, as seen with these key hardware events happening around Europe in 2014.


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