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Kudos to Backhand Bikes for the video – As amazing as it was, this was not the winner.

Grand Prize Winners

SpaceMouseLast week we ran a contest on Instagram to machine the Fusion 360 logo and post results. What started as a simple contest, ended with 52 participants posting 142 photos and videos of various iterations of the Fusion 360 key chain being machined, waterjet cut, sketched and worn. Contestants demonstrated their mastery of the manufacturing process, knowledge of HSM products and artistic flair.


After seeing the caliber of the entries, we could not just have 2 winners – it didn’t seem right. So, we have moved beyond most likes and our personal favorite. Others at Autodesk want to also reward some of the amazing entries. Each of the category winners below will receive a Spacemouse Pro.


To all the contestants, thank you for participating. Together, we showed the power of Fusion 360! As the entries poured in, developers around Autodesk where inspired. We do what we do because we love seeing what you do with it.


If you didn’t follow the contest, you can see all of the results here:  #fusioncamchallenge


Overall Contest Winner – Ken @ Zodiaceng

OK, Ken at Zodiaceng took this contest to a whole new level machining a key chain from CTS-XHP Core Boomerang Damascus followed by some stunning final finish treatments. Paying homage to the offline capabilities of Fusion 360, this key chain was programmed on board a Boeing 757-200. While Ken hadn’t overtaken Venomdefense at the close the contest on Friday night, he has now. When I added the sum of the likes of all his posts showing the process of how he got to the end result, Zodiac had a grand total of 2,036 likes!  This contest would not have been the same without your participation Ken!


Wrapped up the keychain/lanyard hole yesterday and spun a brass bead on the Logan lathe. Today's the last day of the #fusioncamchallenge, if you haven't already, check back a few posts for my official entry and like it if you haven't already! ???????? __________ #yescnc #madeinusa #americanmade #madeincalifornia #autodesk #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge #boomerangdamascus #usn #usa #usnstagram #usnfollow #damascus #cncknifemaking #fadal #heattreat #autodesk

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Most Likes for a Single Post – 740

When the contest started, our clear criteria was for the post with the most likes. Not only did Venomdefense deliver a stunning photo that highlights the quality of Fusion 360 toolpaths, he crushed it with likes. Sam, I believe this entry fueled the passion in many to compete. Thank you for participating!


????PLEASE "LIKE" THIS PICTURE!???? Giveaway Alert! Win this grip and keychain! Like the picture and tag a friend. Each tag earns you one entry. Tag as many as you like. This is my official throwing-the-hat-into-the-ring for @awhatmough #Fusion360 #FusionCAMchallenge. I opted to print mine in color and show the toolpaths directly on the part! You Fusion guys ought to get the reference. Anyway, loyal followers, I need your help – The entry with the most likes wins. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE "like" this picture. Also comment and tag a buddy for a chance to win my finished 6al4v "F" keychain as well as a billet aluminum AR-15 grip! I will choose a winner on 8-19! You must be in the US to win. Thanks for your help and good luck to all! #gun #guns #InstaMachinist #CNC #blackriflesmatter #ar15 #ar #ar15news #merica #venomdefense #ar15lovers #pewpew #HaasAutomation #sickguns #2a #3percent #223 #556 #gunsdaily #gunsdailyusa #badassery #dailybadass #igmilitia #Haas #tactical #theigmilitia

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King of HSM

The AE’s unanimously agreed that Rob went above and beyond, taking his rightful place as King of HSM.  We saw simulations of 5X toolpath snaking down the key ring hole, live footage of the Mikron dancing and stunning staged shots of the finished product. We are all waiting to see this one in person at IMTS!


Naturally, I dropped this while fondling it. Turns out, 24k gold doesn't handle pavement well.. #fusioncamchallenge #doneinone

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Best Production Value

I thought I had a hard job picking a winner going into Friday, then Amish had to post this video!  How do you pick just two winners after you get something like this? Amish, you are the reason we felt obligated to expand the number of prizes. This was just stunning!


Super late entry in the #fusioncamchallenge but here's my official entry. Tons of great entries and this was a fun challenge to be a part of. Machined from a nice chunk of brass. Thanks @awhatmough for setting this up! @lockedtool do I get that special prize you offered?? No fingers were harmed in the making of this video despite playing with brass chips. Sorry the blank section at the end of the video, didn't getting trimmed! #sscadcam #cnc #cncmachining #fusion360 #autodeskcam #autodesk #runcnc #5thaxis #blingbling #slowmotion #slowmo #instamachinist

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Toolpath is Art

My son started 9th grade this year. In order to graduate from high school he needs art credits, he doesn’t need any shop credits. Seeing a machinist produce a part like this, I would argue, trades are an art. Whether it be wood shop, welding, metal shop, or automotive, trades are an expression of our creativity in a practical form. This wouldn’t look out of place hanging around my dates’ neck on elegant evening out. Just stunning work!


Had to do one more for the #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #autodesk #autodeskcam @awhatmough

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Size Matters

Wow, this should be mounted to the wall at the office (with all the key chains hanging from it) to provide inspiration for our developers. The care that went into this is just unreal. When I paint, I get paint and primer in one, put it on the wall and call it done! Here we are seeing the second coat after primer has already been applied and there are still two more coats coming!


First coat on 2 more to go then clear on this 38" tall 3d wall mount. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #autodesk

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Most Captivating

The only word I could use to describe this one is “captivating”. Your use of toolpath strategies and how they worked together to pull us in is amazing! As we review this piece, again, we feel like we are reviewing art. Well done and good job on representing ANZ!


#fusioncamchallenge @awhatmough #ineedaspacemousesobad #hereitis #tookmeages

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Top Enthusiasts

This one was hard to pick, as we saw an entry that was only the second part the contestant had ever run (that is a shout out to you Redeemed Metal). In the end, this one goes to David. Come on, the guy cut a mold and made a key chain from carbon fiber, how cool is that?


This my entry to the fusion360 cam challenge and my homemade X2 setup lurking in the background 🙂 Thanks @awhatmough for setting this challenge up. DM a postal address and I will make you one and post it next week, now I have milled out an aluminum mould as the wooden mould was a one shot test piece. #daxro #speedshop #autodesk #cadcam #fusion #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge#carbon #carbonfiber #carbonfibreeverything

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Master of Processes

Many, many contestants demonstrated a mastery of process. Morgan demonstrated a mastery across products and technologies. Early in the contest, we saw Morgan create the first key chain that was machined on both sides using Fusion 360. Later in the contest, Morgan machined entries with Inventor HSM and leveraged Fusion 360 on his Plasma.


Is that enough toolpath there @awhatmough ? ???? Made with #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge #autodeskcam @cj.abraham @saundersmachineworks

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Best Surface Finish

OK, I didn’t even know it was possible to take an acrylic part off a machine and have it transparent with no polish.  I suppose in this case, the win goes more to the machine (Datron NEO) not just the participant, Chris. None the less, operator or machine, this entry was insane!


Can you believe it, no polishing! Amazing finish on the #datron Mr @chopkinsdatron #Repost @chopkinsdatron with @repostapp ・・・ Straight off the machine. Close up. @awhatmough #datroncnc #datron #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360

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Best Staged Photo

John, you just had to bring your dog into this, how do you say no to that face? John even created a Youtube video on how to machine the key chain! So, if you want to give it a shot, open the key chain from CAM samples and follow along with his video over here:


Shamelessly using Judd to garner more likes. #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge @awhatmough

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Honorable Mentions

There were so many excellent submissions, we wish we could have highlighted them all. One thing is clear, we will be doing another one of these contests in the future! Next time, school will be in session, so watch out, there are some talented students that will be giving the pros and enthusiasts a run for their money!


To view all of the submissions – check our the Instagram hash tag #FusionCAMchallenge



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