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Go Big or Go Home



Why not kick-off the New Year right with another #fusioncamchallenge, as well as start the buzz around Autodesk University 2017?!  For another 10 days, starting in January (23rd to be exact) we ran another Fusion 360 CAM contest on Instagram.  So why no ‘demo file’ you might ask?  Chatting with Al Whatmough & Co., the biggest constructive feedback we heard from our previous challenges were:


  1. 10 days wasn’t enough time.
  2. People are trying to get orders out the door
  3. Their machine was down.

Well…we didn’t want to make the #fusioncamchallenge 3 months long; as well as disrupt the ecosystem of your shop.  SO we thought to ourselves, why don’t we just have our customers showcase what they’re designing and manufacturing with Fusion 360?  There’s no distractions, no demo part file to deal with, and no excuses.


57 unique entries later, posting a variety of over 158 photos/videos of multiple parts either machined, CNC routed, laser-cut, water-jetted or dancing on a 5-axis table, all contestants demonstrated their mastery of the manufacturing process, knowledge of HSM products, and artistic flair.  We wanted to get people excited about Autodesk University now, and offered the winner admission and hotel expenses to Autodesk University 2016 (Nov. 14th-16th) as the ‘Grand Prize’, along with other consolation prizes such as a GoPro and Fusion 360 Swag.


As always, the first couple of days were quite quiet on Instagram, (except for @phil_butterworth_experience hint hint); but that wasn’t the case after seeing the caliber of customer products trickling in.  Everyone wanted that Grand Prize trip to AU2017, and didn’t want to settle for second place (even though you can’t complain about a GoPro Hero5).


To all the contestants, THANK YOU for participating in another #fusioncamchallenge, and as a community, we showed the power of our HSM Products!  We do what we do because we love seeing what you do with it.


“We’re just enthusiastic about what we do.”– Steve Jobs


If you didn’t follow the contest, you can see all of the results here:  #fusioncamchallenge





There were a lot of awesome entries, but @makersinc was one of the very few to showcase a workflow from an industrial design sketch, to CAD design, then CNC machining in his IG Post.  Congrats and start looking into airfare for Las Vegas in November!

Ok so here's my video of my fusion cam challenge piece! It's a bit scratched now, but was a fun little project to do! Can't wait for the next one! 🤙🏻 #cnc #cncporn #instacnc #instamachinist #engineering #productdesign #designformanufacture #photoshop #fusion360 #autodesk #haas #haasautomation #haascnc #baller #ballerstatus #makersinc #makecoolshit #makecoolshiteveryday #honda #dseries #sohc #engine #fusionCAMchallenge #fusioncamchallenge @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg @adskfusion360

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‘The Duke’ of HSM?

The last challenge, @Laurenswijnschenk was crowned the ‘Prince’ of HSM, but after seeing what @phil_butterworth-experience displayed, the torch has been passed along!  Phil was not only the first entry, but displayed a workflow including a simulation analysis!  Congrats, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll record with your new GoPro HERO 5!!!

Start off the morning with our #fusionchallenge entry, full #FXR swingarm, everything but the frame and shocks was designed, simulated, and programed with #fusin360 … #instamachinist #fusioncamchallenge @curtis.chan

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I just ordered a 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo, and talk about perfect timing!  @Regalmetalworks manufactured a custom 911 Exhaust!  Nice work Sir, and enjoy the new Fusion 360 Jacket!
(J/k about ordering a 911 Turbo.  I’d buy a Nissan GTR and pocket the rest of the money!)

Here is my submission for the #fusioncamchallenge @curtis.chan I designed the entire assembly in #fusion360 and used the CAM generated by fusion to make all the machined parts. It is an exhaust for a #porsche911turbo that just needs final assembly and welded, but I ran out of time for the challenge. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did designing and making it! #instamachinist #Porsche

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Well, there were just too many great entries to only give out one prize, so I came across a ‘collector edition’ Fusion 360 Dickies Shop Shirt.  @Innovationforge you made Carl Bass proud with your woodworking skills.  Enjoy!

A little woodwork using @adskfusion360! I'll throw this in the ring for the #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360

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Three entries?!

Who thought one would have time do one entry, let alone three!  @Mfceo_machinist did a fantastic job at all three, and all were done on different pieces of equipment…specifically a WireEDM Machine!  Nice work Sir!

This is my second entry for the Fusion360 challenge. It is a simple 2d milling toolpath but these are the challenges : 1) It was the first time I deal with a CNC EDM wire machine. 2) I did all the set up and run the machine only by reading the Operator 's Manual ( I didn't get train by anybody) 3) Fusion360 doesn't have yet a post processor for Wire EDM so I have to made a few changes in the program. 4) My Supervisor didn't like Fusion, always talking about how good is Cimatron E12 ( which is not truth, most complicated program I've ever seen) 5) I got discharged from the company the same day I was doing this for training It is not a complicated toolpath but here I am . Have a productive week IGs . #imagineer 👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥#instamachinist #zerooptionmentality #machinistporn #cncprogrammer #cncmachinist #thankful #smallbusiness #sidepreneur #hustleporn #mfceomachinists #noexcuses #mindset #machinistlife #wintheday #instamachinistcommunityrocks #fusionCAMchallenge #fusion360 👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥@autodesk.mfg @awhatmough @curtis.chan @adskfusion360 #fusionisnotatoy #beastmode #hustleporn #grind #fusionapp

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My third and last entry for the #fusionCAMchallenge . Material A2 . Machine KIA V25P. 3D modeling and Toolpaths done right there next to the oven 👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥 #imagineer 👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥#instamachinist #zerooptionmentality #machinistporn #cncprogrammer #cncmachinist #thankful #smallbusiness #sidepreneur #hustleporn #mfceomachinists #noexcuses #mindset #machinistlife #wintheday #instamachinistcommunityrocks #fusionCAMchallenge #fusion360 👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥@autodesk.mfg @awhatmough @curtis.chan @adskfusion360 #fusionisnotatoy #beastmode #hustleporn #grind #fusionapp

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This is my entry for the Fusion360 challenge. Material is Steel S7 and machine in a VMC Kia. Two setups only. Be an #imagineer 👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥#instamachinist #zerooptionmentality #machinistporn #cncprogrammer #cncmachinist #imagineer #thankful #smallbusiness #sidepreneur #hustleporn #mfceomachinists #noexcuses #mindset #machinistlife #wintheday #instamachinistcommunityrocks #fusionCAMchallenge #fusion360 👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥@autodesk.mfg @awhatmough @curtis.chan @adskfusion360 #fusionisnotatoy #beastmode #hustleporn #grind

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A perfect fit for my ‘Fusion 360 CAM Magazine’

If the Autodesk HSM Team ever released a CAM Magazine, expect this image to be cover of Issue 1.  Nice work @brandynfeldman!

Now expect this image taken by Ken from @Zodiaceng to be the first thing you seen on page 1 of our ‘magazine’.

One of my favorite rifles that I have, and the first one I ever bought is a Ruger 10/22. I've made some little parts here and there for it but never put much time into it until recently. Shown here is how the parts came to life, from barstock to the first op in @miteebite Talons then second op in #MonsterJaws aluminum softjaws. All laying on a pile of full flute length 6/4 titanium chips from the machining of them. These will ultimately be Sasha grey finished. The first product I'll be offering for the 10/22 in production this year is a 6Al/4V titanium flat face trigger. This is a drop in unit that requires no smithing or fitting. I'll be offering them with travel adjustments as an option as well, but the smooth drop in version will be up for grabs first. I'll be offering a very small beta test run this coming week for those that are interested in testing them out. More photos will follow over the next couple days. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan __________ #madeincalifornia #camade #americanmade #madeinusa #titanium #usn #usa #usnstagram #ruger #ruger1022 #trigger #yescnc #cncmachining #cadcam #fusionisnotatoy #everydaycarry #6al4v #practicalmachinist

A photo posted by Ken Spaulding (@zodiaceng) on

Lastly…here’s our first advertisement in our CAM ‘magazine.’  Love what you did here @charcoalgoods

The CNC Router Category

Calling Dr. Dre…we found the perfect stand for your headphones.  Nice work @beargoeswhere!  You got the LED’s dialed in with an Arduino?

My next cheese and meat platter for my wine party. @ajwoodwork_net getting it done!

Last-minute try to attempt #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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Not only is @winstonmakingstuff a new convert to Fusion 360, but he’s creating awesome ‘How To’ material all done on a Carbide3D.  Check out his YouTube Channel!

When we opened the challenge to all capabilities of Autodesk HSM, I was happy to see entries done on a mill, lathe, water jet and even a LASER CUTTER!  Nice work @johs.dahl!

#fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

A photo posted by Johannes van Roest Dahl (@johs.dahl) on

One word.  Topology. Nice work @jonathan.kolodner

Not your typical shiny chips… But one if my #fusioncamchallenge #instamachinist #fusion360 projects. #fusionisnotatoy

A photo posted by Jonathan Kolodner (@jonathan.kolodner) on

The ‘Cinematographer’ Category. 

For best music to drink a glass of wine to…and demonstrating computer to machine skills in 3 clicks. @bens.benz enjoyed this challenge.

The steadiest camera. @inventorcaptain creating desktop CNC machines off of big machines!

Getting upclose and personal with the cutter @padddywaggonn

Showcasing the new wrap functionality, proud to say…my Intern! @xanderluciano

The best intro… @tjzelick Awesome work!

For ‘The Architect’

Who ever thought we’d get an entry like this.  Nice work @bigm0dels!

Showcasing Simulation inside of Fusion 360

More and more people are starting to do Design, Simulation and Fabrication all within Fusion 360.  Love it!
Nice work @matalengineering

…and of course @Phil_butterworth_experience

To my Mold Makers…you’d make Lars on our team proud.  Love it @mne1s!

The 10 year old in me would love this! @geobot9k

The best surface finish!

This is a tie! Great work @Jeremy6364 and @clintthorson

Finished product #extralight #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge #instamachinist @curtis.chan

A video posted by Clint Thorson (@clintthorson) on

Honorable Mentions

There were so many excellent submissions, we wish we could have highlighted them all!  Feel free to take a glimpse below of other fabulous entries, and to view all of the submissions – check our the Instagram hash tag #FusionCAMchallenge


One thing is clear, expect to see more of these contests in the future, and if you have any ideas around the next one, feel free to share in the comments below!











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Motor mounts for a students race car engine. Simple and easy with #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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My entry for the #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan👊🍻

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These were for the tank track system for last year's robot for the #firstrobotics #frc team that I mentor for. Brought to life by #inventorhsm! #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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