#fusionCAMChallenge 5.0 Winners from Instagram!

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For 14 Days, starting after WESTEC (September 19th) we ran our last Fusion 360 CAM contest of 2017 on Instagram.  With two #fusioncamchallenge’s notched on our belt this year, and with all the buzz around 15 HSM CAM specific classes at Autodesk University 2017, the CAM Team found another ‘golden ticket’ to AU under some 6061-T6 stock at Pier 9.  So back by popular demand, we ran another Fusion 360 CAM contest on Instagram, just in the nick of time for a Grand Prize winner to re-adjust their entire November schedule for Autodesk University:-)


Like last year, before we could blink, Tooling and Machine vendors began reaching out on how they could give back to the community. This time PocketNC reached out and is providing a V2 Desktop to one lucky winner. Also, we’re including consolation prizes such as a GoPro, $1500 Lakeshore Carbide eGift Card, $1000 MariTool eGift Card, the famous AB Tools Shear Hog, a tooling package from ChipX and Fusion 360 Swag.


Amazed at how generous @pocket_nc is in donating their next gen V2 5-axis Desktop CNC as the Raffle Prize! ($4900 Value) Anyone who submits an Instagram Video gets entered to win! . We're all tinkerers by heart, so why not share our learnings with others with this mobile CNC Machine! I own one and love it! . #fusion360cam #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge #instamachinist #pocketnc #cnc #makeanything #makers #maker #entrepreneur #raffle #makesomething #designer #3dcad #5axis #desktopcnc #autodesk #autodeskuniversity

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With all these tool vendors supplying prizes, it just made sense to theme the contest ‘Tooling Feeds & Speeds’.  The only caveat to this #fusioncamchallenge is NO photo entries are accepted, only video content. (How can you hear a tool cutting when it’s just a photo?:-) (Revisit the contest details HERE)

Over 85 unique entries later, from @sscadcam ‘Paramount Pictures’ style production video, to @tmitchell.tn ‘Documentary’ themed explanation, we had a multitude of machined, CNC routed, laser-cut, waterjet, and plasma-cut parts submitted.  All contestants demonstrated their ‘black art’ to feeds and speeds, knowledge of HSM products, and artistic flair.

The “Grand Prize” is AU admission, including hotel expenses! With 15 HSM CAM Classes this year at AU, plus a specific MFG Day on Thursday, November 16th, it’s a great year to visit Autodesk University. Most importantly, their name entered into a lottery to win a PocketNC v2 Desktop 5-Axis CNC Machine.


Another big Thank You to our Tooling Partners for their gracious contribution to our last #fusioncamchallenge of the year! T-3 Hours!!! Midnight PST 🕛🌎 . #fusion360cam #fusion360 #tooling #maritool #lakeshorecarbide #chipx #pocketnc #abtools #gopro #cnc #instamachinist #lathe #3axis

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On another note, if you don’t walk away with the AU 2017 Ticket, we’re offering a Certification/MFG One Day Pass for $600.  Details are here. (There’s my shameless plug).


@martideans and I are working with an amazing group to offer a series of hands-on labs at #au2017 Link to this flyer in my bio. It's hard to explain all the goodness in one flyer or one IG post. This flyer has links to the prerequisites and also the important discount code that gets you in for this day. AU is an amazing learning experience and this year should be the best MFG year yet. @adskfusion360 @derek_goodwin_cnc @leeverageintegration @the_true_croatian_sensation @cj.abraham @mechvantage @autodesk.mfg @awhatmough

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If you didn’t follow the contest, you can see all of the results here:  #fusioncamchallenge



THE ‘RAFFLE’ PRIZE | POCKETNC V2 Desktop CNC 5-Axis Machine



1st Place – Grand Prize – Autodesk University 2017

There were a lot of outstanding entries, but @mfceo_machinist brought humor to his entry, with the Clown from ‘IT’ making a cameo, plus this was the only submission around Mill-Turn.  We love J.C’s positive attitude and contribution to the IG Community, so thank you for all your previous submissions for past #fusioncamchallenge!  Congrats, and start looking into airfare to Las Vegas for November!


Machine: Okuma Genos L200e-m CNC Lathe with live tooling.

Material: 2″ Al7075 rod.




Getting with the last details. I will post my entry Monday morning. 👊🏻👊🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥🔥🔥#fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #machinistlife #autodeskmfg #AutoDesk #autodeskuniversity #maritolosa #lakeshorecarbide #abtools #chipx #pocketnc #machinistporn#instamachinist #instamachinistcommunityrocks #imagineer #wintheday #allin #hustleporn #it 🤡😁

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WATCH IT UNTIL THE END Ok #instamachinist community , this is my OFFICIAL entry for the #fusioncamchallenge . I said Monday but is ready. Why two machines or two ops when you can do a piece in one single shot? This is a real piece in production for the aerospace industry not specifically for the contest. The machine is an OKUMA Genos L200e-m CNC Lathe with live tooling. The material is 2" Al7075 rod. TOOLING SPECS FOR TURNING: 1- OD ROUGHING. Holder Sandvik Coroturn DCLNR 12 4b . Insert Iscar CNMG 431 PP IC-10 1500 RPM 0.012"IPR 0.05"DOC 2- OD FINISHING. Holder Iscar MVJNR 12-3 . Insert Iscar VNMS 331-12 IC-808 2000 RPM 0.005" IPR 0.005" DOC 3- THREADING. Holder Sandvik Coromant RF 123 G040-12B . Insert Iscar TIP 2MT-0.05 500 RPM 0.0625" IPR 4- CUTOFFF and GROOVING. Holder Iscar TGSU 35-2- IQ . Insert TAG N2C IC-808 600 RPM 0.004" IPR TOOLING SPECS FOR MILLING 1- #3 Center Drill from @osgcorporation 2500 RPM 10 IPM 2- 3/16" Jobber drill from @osgcorporation 4200 RPM 10 IPM 3- 3/8" Jobber drill from @osgcorporation 2200 RPM. 8 IPM pecking 4- 1/2" Endmill Viper V33212 from @destinytool 6000 RPM 30 IPM I used the Postprocessor for the Haas ST 30Y and make the proper edition for the OKUMA as a CNC programmer I am. I hope you enjoy my entry ✊️✊️🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥🔥 #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan #imagineer #badassmachinist #dieepic @sandvikgroup @iscarusa #wintheday #autodeskuniversity #makingchips @makingchips @makercast_podcast @titans_of_cnc

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$1500 Lakeshore Carbide eGift Card Winner


I call this entry ‘The Dump Truck’.  Amazed to see how much scrap aluminum from 3 Blocks makes, and ready for the recycling center!  Congrats @1185mfg!


Machine: DMG Mori

Tooling Specs:


The MAD MMR fusion cam challenge. Filling 20yard dumpsters weekly with ease. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan @oneeartim @awhatmough @autodesk.mfg

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$1000 MariTool eGift Card Winner


This entry needs no explanation.  Just watch @sscadcam work his magic…as usual.  Well deserved.


Machine: DMG Mori DMU 65 monoBLOCK
Main Tooling:


Here you go @curtis.chan, last minute entry into the #fusioncamchallenge. Machine: – DMG Mori DMU 65 monoBLOCK Main Tooling: – Sandvik RAL90 10k 300ipm .75woc .05doc – Garr Tool .5 ball 15k 300ipm/100ipm .02woc – Destiny Tool .25 em 15k 100ipm .05woc Sorry @yetiman01 I'm in it for that candlelight dinner with @oneeartim 😁 #sscadcam #cnc #cncmachining #machinist #dmg #dmgmori #5axis #raptorworkholding #destinytool #sandvik #coromant #garrtool #oneanddone #madeincanada #autodesk #renishaw #autodeskuniversity #autodeskcam #fusion360 #slowmo #windtunnel #slowmotion #cinemachinist #cncporn #badassmachinists #instamachinist

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AB Tools Shear Hog Winner

Watching this was selling me on Fusion 360 & Tormach!  Nice work @eschneit for your incredible Adobe After Effects Menu and detailed video!


Machine: Tormach PCNC 770

Main Tooling:

Im competing against machinists all over the world in the @autodesk #fusioncamchallenge. Lots of people ask me how I make my putters. This is a good example of the process. @curtis.chan I'm gonna need some new @maritoolusa CAT40 holders in the next few months bud. 😉 . . . . #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #autodeskmfg #instamachinist #haas #haasautomation #dmgmori #milacron #tormach #lakeshorecarbide #cnc

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ChipX Tooling Package Winner

The beautiful thing about the Instagram Community is seeing people get inspired by other people.  If it weren’t for @rob.awesome.lockwood STL Mountain, @dylankscott wouldn’t have been inspired to create this ‘basalt’ key tray.  Nice Work Sir, and thank you awesome Rob for inspiring the community!  Enjoy your new Endmills!


Machine: Man-made

Material: Aluminium

Main Tooling:


My last minute entry to the #fusioncamchallenge excuse the music, it was in GoPro's editing software and I chose not to change it. Also I had no idea how to combine this video with the other photos for my entry so this is a two post entry. Part was designed last night, and "programmed" (nothing optimal or overly pretty here) and milled today after work, all CAD/CAM in Fusion. I was inspired by @rob.awesome.lockwood 's mountain. My geological design is meant to represent basalt formations and the idea for this came from my kids wanting to watch Moana. Conservative milling on this as I just wanted it to work. Roughing and semifinish with @garrtool 3 flute 1/4" aluminum specific endmill at 12000RPM, 1500mm/sec, 1mm DOC, 2.54mm stepover. Finish milling with @maritoolusa 3 flute 1/8" endmill at 12000RPM, 500mm/sec, max stepover (horizontal finish toolpath) at 2mm (0.15mm left on floor from semifinish). . . . @curtis.chan @adskfusion360

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GoPro Hero 5 Winner

It’s always great to see people making the best of what they got.  We’ve gotten entries from users that have a Shapeoko 3, to a DMG Mori.  Any one of these machines can still make a great part.  @josh_pge took the Las Vegas AU Theme to a new level and created this masterpiece on his 6000RPM 3-axis Mill.  Congrats, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll record with your new GoPro HERO 5!!!


Machine: 6000RPM 3-axis Mill



Here’s my #fusioncamchallenge video entry @curtis.chan #fusion360 #instmachinist @awhatmough @autodesk.mfg @adskfusion360 I may not have a fancy 5 axis or a 30k spindle but I have a 6000rpm 3axis mill and the desire to go #autodeskuniversity2017 in Vegas so I made some fusion playing cards and some AU poker chips Tools are a 1/2 4fl 5000 rpm 45ipm, 1/4 2fl 6000rpm 45ipm, 1/8 Ball 6000rpm 40ipm

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Dinner with @OneEarTim (Tim Paul from the CAM Team)

We were amazed at how serious people took to having a candlelight dinner with our CAM Guru, Tim Paul at Autodesk University. So, we decided there couldn’t be just one winner. We already have quite a few customers coming to AU2017, with many of them submitting a #fusioncamchallenge entry.  Well everyone, get ready for a ‘Chinese Family Style’ Dinner @sscadcam, laurenswijnschenk, @rob.awesome.lockwood, @the_dr.phil_experience, @helical_fresh and @yetiman01! (@yetiman01 – since you didn’t win the AU Pass, just fly your private Cessna we’ve seen on Instagram in for dinner 🙂



What happens when you put a bunch of @haas_automation in your house? Eat, sleep, machine… repeat… here's my entry for the Autodesk Fusion Cam challenge! Some 1990s music for you, I want those prizes and dinner with @oneeartim , we got this! @allenwrench8 🎥 and edited #fusioncamchallenge #autodeskfusion360 @curtis.chan #fusion360cam #instamachinist #monkeylikesshiny @haas_automation @maritoolusa @5thaxis @adskfusion360

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So here is my #FusionCAMChallenge. Used it as a good excuse to test three different holders. Since everybody tells you they have the best holder. You will have to test for yourself. Find the full video on YouTube. Link in Bio. There is also the link to the part. Went mental on the adaptive path with a MRR of 340cm3/min in test 1. @curtis.chan #Fusion360 #Instamachinist #CNC #Machining #Milling #Tooling #Tools #Holders #ToolHolders #Sandvik #CoroChuck930 #930 #Fahrion #WNTTools #CentroP #Weldon #SideLock #Doosan #DoosanShop #LangTechnik #Makrogrip

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Mikron HSM400u-LP – programmed with Autodesk Fusion. Scallop toolpath, 3 flute 1/8" ball endmill from @harveytool in a RegoFix PG-6×080 HSK40e toolholder. 42k RPM @ .0015"/tooth. .006" stepover = rainbowz.- slightly longer video on YouTube someplace! #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan – all visible flaws are 100% intentional.

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I got a little too excited with my #fusioncamchallenge this time and forgot to turn on the coolant…fun fact, a @gwschultz_tool alumigator can still cut at 300ipm with flutes filled with molten aluminum! @curtis.chan #instamachinist #5axis #cnc #milling #fusion360 #cncmill #carbide #alumigator #speedsandfeeds #coolant

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So here is my piece for the #fusioncamchallenge 😎👍🏻 #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg @5thaxis @badassmachinists @haas_automation @awhatmough -———————————————— – Tools used : SGS 6mm Carbide square 3 Flute endmill -5000RPM, 1000mm/m : SGS 3mm Carbide Ballnose 2 Flute endmill- 8000RPM, 1200mm/m ———————————————— Machined in 6061 Hallumi! 😎🤙🏻 #cnc #cncporn #instacnc #instamachinist #cncmachinist #engineering #design #productdesign #fusion360 #4axis #autodesk #haas #haasautomation #haascnc #helicalfresh #makecoolshit #makecoolshiteveryday #creative

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THE ‘BONUS POINTS’ CATEGORY (Waterjet, Laser, and Plasma Cutting)


Dealing with ‘feeds and speeds’ on a CNC Machine is already a ‘black art,’ but how do you dial in a Waterjet, Laser or Plasma Cutter?  Well, these peeps shared their talents on running one of these fine pieces of equipment, and for your efforts, you ALL get Fusion 360 Swag Bags!!!

If you didn’t notice, OMAX Waterjet debuted their latest ‘Baby Omax’ to the lineup! @protomaxwj displayed its capabilities on a 12” x 12” Cutting Area.  Check it out  HERE!


The OMAX ProtoMAX takes on the Autodesk Fusion 360 challenge! #fusioncamchallenge #protomaxwj #fusion360

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My first entry into the #fusioncamchallenge is for plasma cutting! More video on my YT channel as well. #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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Running a techno cnc plasma table at 75 inches per minute and 45 amps. @pcsc_machinefab @curtis.chan #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge #instamachinist #dodgeram

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🔊🔊🔊 I wasn't sure I would have time to get this done but I managed to squeak it in. Figured I do a #laser focused one since I have designed and made so many things in #fusion360 using the laser to cut them out. Here are just a few… #laserallthethings #fusioncamchallenge #freakinglasers #maker #instamachinist #drevil #frelux #led #lamps @curtis.chan

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Late night trailer fix using #fusion360 feeling like an #instamachinist #fusioncamchallenge @curtis.chan It'd be sweet to add some more features for 2+1 machining. that would allow for power and height control settings with plasma

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75 inches a minute at 45 amps. #fusioncamchallenge #cncplasma #cnc #pontiac #g6 #gt @curtis.chan

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With the help of my AM class, my #fusioncamchallenge entry. In 2.5 hours (1 class period) they learned a little bit about the new sheetmetal workspace, CAM ops for the cutting, and how to run the techno CNC plasma table. Feeds and Amps (no speed on a plasma table) 75imp at 45 amps for 10ga steel. @curtis.chan #fusion360 #shopclass #makingsparks

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From cam to parts in 15 minutes or less

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In two hours I learned how to create and design something in fusion360 then cut it out on a CNC Plazma Cutting Machine. 75IPM,40AMP#fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #fusion360cam @curtis.chan @pcsc_machinefab

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#fusioncamchallenge @Curtis.chan I learned how to use Fusion 360 and cut it out in 20 minutes 75IMP 40AMP

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Here is my entry into the #fusioncamchallenge Two sideded milling is a challenge for me, but this piece is going well by using dowels and dowel holes to align after flipping. #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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Official entry #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #fusion360Cad #instamachinist #no8 #teamkiwi #Disabledgettingonwithit @curtis.chan #M&M #Router #Routerusersrule Tools used 1/2in Routerbit, 1/4in bull nose endmill, 1/4in engrave bit 60 degree, 3mm endmill

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Thanks @curtis.chan for putting on another awesome #fusion360 #cam #challenge ! #instamachinist #fusioncamchallenge #cnc #madeinusa

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This is my entry to the #fusioncamchallenge It's a little bit different compared to the other entrys here i think I used my selfmade CNC- Router for this project, which was also planed and designed with #fusion360 I hope i did everything right @curtis.chan #instamachinist

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‘For best ‘Design to MFG’ Video. @paddywaggonn showed us Design and 3D Printing, to CNC Machining!

Well, I'm no videographer but this is what me and @officialmarytsunami came up with. Certainly shows what I'm doing with #autodeskfusion360. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan #mdmachine #mdmmotorsport #stevebilt #maritool#destinytool This is a 1st & 2nd gear lockout for VW racing community, it's made to work with a few different OEM shift boxes and help make miss shifts a thing if the past. 99 Mori Seiki MV40M 8k spindle FANUC-OM control Maritool USA🇺🇸 3" facemill 1800sfm .0045fpt. 1/4" #destinytool viper @7500rpm 50ipm, .1 radial.

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For best Evangelist of Lakeshore Carbide Tooling…@supercompsports thanks for showcasing how you use Setup Sheets!

Hello everyone, Last CAM challenge for 2017, proposed by Autodesk (@Curtis.Chan)! So, here is our entry. We are showing the whole process in the making of the Open Thumb Rest, through Fusion 360. CAD and CAM were programmed with this amazing software. Then, we are displaying the Lakeshore carbide tools used in this project. All tool loaded in the Tormach ATC, we measured each of them on our permanent ETS for perfect accuracy, before actually machining the parts on the Tormach PCNC 1100-3. We moved from the prototype to the full production using Fusion 360 CAM patterns. So easy and fast! Enjoy! Thanks for commenting, liking and sharing, if you feel so. Regards. Full video on YouTube. Link in the Bio. Thank you All. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @autodesk.mfg @fusion360team @curtis.chan @larschristensen @lakeshorecarbide @carvesmart @sscadcam @oneeartim @awhatmough @adskfusion360 @chickworkholding_brian @the_true_croatian_sensation @autodesk.mfg @waynegriffenberg @maritoolusa @supercompsports

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The best ’Safety First’.  Pcsc_machinefab putting on their Welding Helmets in the nick of time!

Preview of my #fusioncamchallenge with the new sheet metal workspace, CAM plasma cutting and 38 high school students.

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The best ‘Neon Fly-out’ Menu:

Using a Tormach 770 CNC mill to machine a Ford Fiesta ST short throw shift kit out of 6061 aluminum #fusioncamchallenge #instamachinist #fusion360 @curtis.chan

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For best looking ‘Surface Finish’:

Oops, let's try that again now that I know there's a 60 second limit on Instagram 😂 My entry into the Fusion CAM Challenge. Valve covers for a Porsche 911 machined on a Haas VF-3SS. Feeds and speeds were all conservative as it was the first time using a lot of the tooling. Apart from the 4mm cutter that is, I didn't realise how aggressive that was until editing this video, now I'm wondering how it survived 🤔 #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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For ‘Faster RPM’s (34K): Damn you Datron.

Ok, here’s my entry for the challenge… lots of tough competition. This part I designed and ran for #datron #oktoberfest2017 today here in beautiful #milfordnh #datronneo #datroncnc #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan @chopkinsdatron Feeds and Speeds in comments below…

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So the #german #lederhosen #wonderboy entry into the #fusioncamchallenge ! Part: Business card holder Machine: #datron #datronneo Tooling: Datron 68808K/E Single Flute 8 mm endmill. 34k RPM, 8000-10000 mm/min [That's 393 ipm] Ap 9 mm, Ae 0.5 mm Datron Two Flute 8 mm corner radius endmill. 32.25k RPM, 15.000-17.000 mm/min [That's 590-670 ipm!] Toolpaths: 3 Different 3D Adaptive, Parallel operations (trick here: turn the direction of the toolpath with the corner of the polygon you are milling = better edges). 3D Contour #fusion360 #fusionisnotatoy #instamachinist @curtis.chan @datroncnc

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For Best Showcasing the AB Tools Shear Hog:

Here's my #fusioncamchallenge ! All done on the 2003 Fadal 4020. Managed to squeeze it in on these billet animal heads we're making. I've dreamed of making a single cylinder billet head like this one since I started machining 3 and a half years ago, so it's quite surreal to be finally pumping these out. Days like today are what make me realize why I love what I do so much! Thanks @adskfusion360 for making this all possible! #fusion360 #instmachinist @curtis.chan

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For Best ‘Star Wars Intro’



Here's my Fusion CAM Challenge entry. Unfortunately, some unexpected technical difficulties prevented any actual machining. #brothercnc #transfertroubles #toolchange #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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For Best ‘Surface Finish’ Part 2:



Some videos of my #brothercnc piling up the chips as my entry in the #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge #speedio #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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For Best ‘Lighting Effects’:



Here is my Fusion Cam Challenge post. Procrastinated a bit but had fun making it! R2D2 coin-slots milled on a Tormach PCNC 1100. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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There were so many excellent submissions this time around. I wish we could have highlighted them all!  Feel free to take a glimpse below of other fabulous entries, and to view all of the submissions – check out the Instagram hashtag #FusionCAMchallenge.

One thing is clear, expect to see more of these contests in the future, and if you have any ideas around the next one, feel free to share in the comments below!


Over at @bbiautosport running some prototype #porsche components. Fully developed within Fusion360, taking advantage of it’s capabilities. 1987 #Moriseiki MV-65 (drip feed) 3D Adaptive Clearing 1/2” Flat 3D Parallel – 1/2” Ball #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan #bbiautosport #bbiporschelab

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My contribution to #fusioncamchallenge. Used a @lakeshorecarbide 3/8 TAS roughing end mill to clear out all the pockets and a 1/4 4 flute on the 2D contouring. #tormach #pcnc #pcnc770 #770 #fusion360 #cad #cam #cnc #cncporn @curtis.chan

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Right! Here's my entry to the #fusioncamchallenge ! I thought I would show my work through process from solid model through to finished parts! All tools are no-name carbide from eBay, all at 6k rpm, max feed 1900mm/min. I use G wizard software to generate my s&f recipes – it's so close to right every time I generally just use it's outputs with no tuning for jobbing work. #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan #cnc #cncmilling #jobbing #vikingmachinery #madeinnz #engineering #feedsandspeeds #tooling #aluminium #makersgonnamake #makestuff

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Challenge accepted Packing my bags for Vegas There's lots to learn yet #instamachinist #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #mazak #variaxis #sculpt #model #cadcam #workflow #adaptiveclearing #challengeaccepted #autodesk #autodeskhsm #autodeskuniversity #autodeskuniversity2017 @curtis.chan @goproquik

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Okay, I'll bite. I've been swamped with non machining work the past few weeks but I managed to get some footage of one small project. It's a very simple part but I really experimented with HEM using the chip thinning equation for the first time. Material is 6061-T6. Tool is 1/2" Iscar 2 flute 30* 1.25" LOC. Machine is a Haas MiniMill. Video shows 1/2" axial, 0.06" Radial, 216 IPM, 0.02161 Chip Load. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan #haasautomation #cnc #lovewhatyoudo #engineering #iscar

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Here's my #fusioncamchallenge entry. This is a plastic door latch off of a really expensive piece of equipment. Luckily when it broke the customer had a window open they could crawl through to get in, if not they would have had to break it. It's now made from #6061 aluminum. Totally modeled and programmed in #fusion360 . This was a small run of 4 parts, 3 right hand and 1 left hand. To cut down on the amount of soft jaws needed the first 3 ops were done on the 4th axis. #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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1/8 2 flute .01in DOC 9200 Rpm 8 Ipm not bad for .06 hp spindle

A post shared by chris (@cpodbob) on

A verry simple part made in Romania using #fusion360 and a MAS MCV754 .This is my entry for the #fusioncamchallenge #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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Since @loc_line doesn't have a 14mm solution, I decided to make my own! I also don't see enough #CNC #Turning on here! @curtis.chan #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist #feedsandspeeds #autodesk #au2017 #pocketnc #maritool #cnclathe #lakeshorecarbide #abtools #chipx #focusyoufack #autofocus #outoffocus #machinistsofinstagram #machinist

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My humble submission for the latest #fusioncamchallenge posted by @curtis.chan This is a mountain bike part made on a tormach pcnc1100 using tormach TTS er20 collet holder with harbor freight hss endmills. Feeds and speeds for the 1/2" endmill was 5100 tomorrow at 50 ipm. #instamachinist #fusion360

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Here is my #horrible entry into the #fusioncamchallenge, it's all one take and it's so bad… My apologies for subjecting @curtis.chan to this. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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#cnc part in aluminium on my DIY CNC machine. The part is for a small model outboard. Programmed in Fusion 360. Cautious cutting with a tiny 1.5mm endmill at 20mm/min. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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@curtis.chan here is my entry for the cam challenge. Possibly the smallest CNC. I am certainly pushing the limits of the table size and capabilities of this FR4 cnc from @pocket_nc. I wanted to learn CAD/CAM for my knife making and thought I could use a small one like this to prove my designs and make templates to use for my hand made knives before i spend the $$ for a larger mill for knife making. I only just got it running and this is the first template part I am running on it. I am using a 1/16th end mill with a fixed spindle speed of 5000rpm. Due to a lack of rigidity i am running it quite slowly. Cutting rate of 100 mm/min and a shallow depth of cut. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan #feedsandspeeds

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#fusioncamchallenge programmed with #fusion360 using a 1982 #matsuura MC-500v with a 6k rpm spindle and a #lakeshorecarbide 1/32" ball nose 2 flute endmill… 1-2 ipm 😉 #snrknives @curtis.chan #instamachinist

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Here’s my entry into the Fusion 360 CAM Challenge! 3D adaptive tool path on these high carbon steel track keys. 12mm 4 flute carbide cutter, 5305 RPM (200 m/min surface speed) Federate: 3819 mm/min ( .18mm per tooth. I think I could get away going a bit quicker but I didn’t use any coolant purely for the video. @curtis.chan #fusioncamchallenge #instamachinst #cncporn #cncmilling #doosan #3Dadaptive #engineering #cnc #nocoolant #fusion360 #fusion

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Here my entry Here I'm using a tool path pattern with a single source tool path running 40 dog tag at a time. On my custom lagun mill equipped with a clear path Servos and masso controller O and a 38k air spindal #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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Here's my entry for the #fusioncamchallenge Designed and machined a motor mount for a 200 watt Maxon motor for our Shell Eco Marathon car. Modelling and CAM in Fusion 360 and machined on a Haas VF1. Roughed out using 2d and 3d adaptive clearing, finished using morph for the 3d features and contour/horizontal/pocket for the 2d features. One op left to do, then anodizing. HSS endmills -1/2 4fl 1" doc, 0.1" step, 3500rpm 60ipm -1/8 2fl .16" doc, .05" step, 7500rpm 20ipm -1/8 2fl ball 0.005" step, 7500rpm 60ipm #fusion360 #shellecomarathon #haas #vf1 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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Fusion worked great to model my draw tube, 3J collet Chuck, and other internals so I could design a backplate and draw tube adapter. With joints and opacity control, it was easy to have everything work perfectly on the first try! Designed both from scratch with nothing to go from! #fusioncamchallenge

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Sometimes you want to be lazy and just eyeball stuff, but your jerkwad friends tell you No. It's good to have jerkwad friends sometimes. Swingarm parts are looking good! Finish line is in sight! Shreddin' metal with some 3D adaptive toolpaths, spindle pegged at 10k RPM and 150(ish) IPM. . . . #Lostbikes #lennysbikeshop #cascadiadirtcup #nwcup #cascaderacingdesigns #fueledbyfourloko #jerkwad #funduro #endubro #enduro #mtb #mountainbike #madeinbellingham #upperleft #prototype #instamachinist #fusion360 #fusioncamchallenge @curtis.chan #brotherspeed #maritool #orangevise

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Aprillia top triple clamp to help convert from sportsbike to semi upright/naked bike. Even made all the components in the fixture. Still learning but all the YouTube fusion 360 users are really helping us noobs out 🙂 #fusioncamchallenge #alytek #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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Enco Lathe on Bridgeport Mill converted to CNC with Masso Controller and Clearpath Servos, Cad Cam and Post Process done With Fusion 360. #fusioncamchallenge #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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