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Fusion 360 Roadmap – Second half of 2015

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Part of our planning is talking with you and others like you every day. We are designers, manufacturers and makers ourselves. As we learn what you like, don’t like and need from Fusion 360 it helps us to be focused on the three pervasive problems we are trying to solve.


Explore and iterate on product ideas quickly from concept to production

Explore aesthetically pleasing designs faster

Avoid loss of digital data from concept to production

Integrate concept, mechanical and electro-mechanical


Enable project teams and stakeholders to collaborate effectively in the product development process

Assemble and manage virtual project teams without overhead

Easily manage, access and share data from anywhere, anytime


Reduce the barrier to entry for a new generation of designers and engineers

Reduce cognitive overload and learning curve

Support for Mac



These help guide us as we work through the IdeaStation and all the other sources of great ideas for Fusion 360.  Here are the details on what is coming. (Jump to see a list of previous updates)


July 25, 2015

We are focusing on fabrication workflows.

  • Turning ( IdeaStation )
  • Continued improvements to tool library
  • View assembly instructions/animation on mobile clients

Other improvements:

  • 2 Rail sweep ( IdeaStation )
  • New design from file ( IdeaStation )
  • Improved T-Spline match
  • Rename, and deactivate projects in the data panel ( IdeaStation )
  • Promote old versions in the data panel ( IdeaStation )
  • C++ add-ins and API access
  • Protolabs costing tool
  • Visualization custom environments ( IdeaStation )
  • Performance and reliability improvements across all areas


September 2015

The focus is strength testing and simulation.

  • Single and multi body linear static analysis ( IdeaStation )
  • Modal analysis
  • Local solve (Cloud solve coming in a later update)
  • Simulation data and results integrated into web and mobile experience for collaboration

Other improvements include…

  • Commenting on object specific items and remember camera when comments were made.  Parity in cementing tools across web, mobile and desktop client.
  • Real-time multi-user review
  • Improved Web Client user experience
  • Start user customizable access to commands ( IdeaStation )
  • Improvements to Distributed Design based on community feedback
  • Visualization background local rendering ( IdeaStation )
  • Basic joint support in Animation workspace
  • Drawings support centerlines and center marks ( IdeaStation )
  • Drawings support improved balloons with alignment and renumbering
  • Performance and reliability improvements across all areas

November 2015


We are planning on a November update as well but are still working thru the details.  Will update the blog once we have it.  UPDATE – November blog post here


January 2016

Focus on design branching for CAD! This allows branch and merge of your designs and projects. It will enable design variations and even better multi-user editing workflows. Details:…


This roadmap is not complete. With each update we learn more from you and adjust our plans by adding or updating projects. Obviously some of this will change but with the interest in roadmap we knew people would enjoy seeing what’s coming.  There are many incremental improvements that will come along the way as these are completed they will be delivered so the above list is not complete. Its just meant to highlight focus for each update. Let us know what you think.


In addition to the capabilities above we have several big projects underway which don’t fit nicely in one update cycle so their exact timing is still work in progress.


  • System defined keyboard shortcuts
  • Drawings support exploded views
  • Mesh Modeling targeted at cleanup and repair of imported meshes
  • 5 Axis ( Fusion 360 Ultimate only)
  • Advanced Joint support in Animations (motion studies replacement)
  • GD&T for Drawings
  • Multi-sheet support for Drawings
  • Rendering for animations and keyframes
  • PLM 360 Integration


Further out projects (Most likely 2016 ):

  • Sheetmetal
  • Surfacing Enhancements
  • Integrated 2D Paint
  • Integrated 3D Print environment
  • Browser zero client ( edit 11/11/15 )


Here is a look at already delivered updates for 2015


June 20, 2015

Complete Details here:


Just some of the improvements from the June update:

  • Commands remember last value
  • Distributed Designs aka X-refs to create designs that reference other designs and manage the versions as those designs change.  Details:…
  • Appearances service to make acquiring new appearances easier in Fusion 360
  • Move and copy items from side pane
  • 3D Print supports Spark Print Studio Application, part of the new Autodesk Spark 3D Print Initiatives
  • Create driven sketch dimensions
  • Sketch robustness improvements
  • Timeline support for patch Unstitch
  • Timeline support for patch reverse normal
  • CAM patterns
  • CAM browser improvements
  • CAM “Preview”  for 2D waterjet/laser toolpaths
  • Drawing Detail Views
  • Drawing Preferences improvements
  • Create New Drawing dialog
  • Drawing Navigation Bar improvements and gesture support
  • Drawing Section View Hatch customization
  • Drawing Dimension Tolerancing
  • Drawing Baseline and Chain Dimensions


May 21, 2015

Complete What’s New here:…


May 5, 2015

Complete What’s New here:…


April 13, 2015

Complete What’s New here:…


April 8, 2015

Complete What’s New here:…


March 14th

Complete What’s New here:…


January 15th

Complete What’s New here:…
Roadmaps are plans, not promises. We’re as excited as you to see new functionality make it into the products, but the development, release, and timing of any features or functionality remains at our sole discretion.  These roadmaps should not be used to make purchasing decisions.

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