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Fusion 360 Roadmap – First half of 2015

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  • [edited May 18, 2015 to reflect changes to May updates and client update moving to June.  Post June roadmap updates coming soon.] [edited May 12, 2015 to reflect changes to Ultimate capability moving to Fusion 360 and preview of CAM waterjet in May update and new mobile app release]
  • [edited April 17, 2015 to reflect May Date and Contents. Added additional links to resources and topics. Moved change-log to top of page]
  • [edited Feb 13, 2015 to reflect new Drawings enhancements for April release]
  • [edited Jan 7, 2015 to reflect move of December date to Jan  and Feb/April release contents]
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  • [edited Nov 12, 2014 to add measure improvements and keyboard shortcuts in December update ]



Part of our planning is talking with you and others like you every day. We are designers, manufacturers and makers ourselves. As we learn what you like, don’t like and need from Fusion 360 it helps us to be focused on the three pervasive problems we are trying to solve.


Explore and iterate on product ideas quickly from concept to production


  • Explore aesthetically pleasing designs faster
  • Avoid loss of digital data from concept to production
  • Integrate concept, mechanical and electro-mechanical


Enable project teams and stakeholders to collaborate effectively in the product development process


  • Assemble and manage virtual project teams without overhead
  • Easily manage, access and share data from anywhere, anytime


Reduce the barrier to entry for a new generation of designers and engineers


  • Reduce cognitive overload and learning curve
  • Support for Mac
  • Approachable


These help guide us as we work through the idea station and all the other sources of great ideas for Fusion 360.  Here are the details on what is coming in December, January, February March, and April June.


January 15th

Complete What’s New here:…


  • Measure improvements
  • Phase 2 of sketch Improvements following up on our Nov 15th update
  • Support Spark Printer software ecosystem
  • Support Autodesk Ember Printer
  • Additional drawing view types
  • Drawing title block improvements
  • CAM tool library parity between Window and Mac
  • IDF Import


March 14th

Complete What’s New here:…


  • New data service Infrastructure. This lays the groundwork for many new features that improved performance, reliability and new capability in managing data.
  • Content libraries that contain read-only fasteners and other common components
  • Improved data transfer infrastructure (should see improvements in reliability)
  • Drawings support Parts List and Balloons
  • Improved upload
  • Improved rendering to cloud
  • UI Consistency improvements
  • Sketch performance and phase 3 of continued sketch enchantments
  • CAM tool library parity between Window and Mac
  • API Add-ins


May 12th

Improved Autodesk 360 IOS ( Now called Fusion 360 ) App supports commenting and viewing of Fusion items (3D and 2D) iTunes link:


May 30th 

Changes this May will be only be to the web and server side capabilities.

  • Fixed for issues customers were having with Email changes preventing access to their hubs
  • Syncing Profiles
  • Updated web viewer with rendering improvements
  • New Comments cabailities ( Fusion designs support latent until client update June 20th)
  • Backend changes in preperation for Fusion’s June update to suport distibuted designs
  • Minor Bug fixes


June 20th

Just some of the improvements coming in the June update:

  • Commands remember last value
  • Distributed Designs aka X-refs to create designs that reference other designs and manage the versions as those designs change.  Details:
  • Appearances service to make aquiring new appearances easier in Fusion 360
  • Move and copy items from side pane

  • 3D Print supports Spark Print Studio Application, part of the new Autodesk Spark 3D Print Initiatives

  • Create driven sketch dimensions

  • Sketch robustness improvements
  • Timeline support for patch Unstitch
  • Timeline support for patch reverse normal
  • CAM patterns
  • CAM browser improvements
  • CAM “Preview”  for 2D watejet/laser toolpaths
  • Drawing Detail Views

  • Drawing Preferences improvements
  • Create New Drawing dialog

  • Drawing Navigation Bar improvements and gesture support

  • Drawing Section View Hatch customization

  • Drawing Dimension Tolerancing
  • Drawing Baseline and Chain Dimensions

In addition to the capabilities above we have several big projects underway which don’t fit nicely in 6 week cycles so their exact timing is still work in progress. Our goal is to have most if not all as production software or tech preview by mid year.


Further out projects:


  • 5 Axis ( Fusion 360 Ultimate only)
  • DFM allows for thin wall plastic part checking. It can identify weld lines and surface finish problems among other issues.
  • S4D (simulation for designers)
  • Integrated 2D and 3D paint


This is not complete. With each update we learn more from you and adjust our plans by adding or updating projects. Obviously some of this will change but with the interest in roadmap we knew people would enjoy seeing what’s coming. Let us know what you think.

Roadmaps are plans, not promises. We’re as excited as you to see new functionality make it into the products, but the development, release, and timing of any features or functionality remains at our sole discretion.  These roadmaps should not be used to make purchasing decisions.

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