Data Management Made Easy with the Fusion 360 Manage Extension

Shannon McGarry Shannon McGarry February 9, 2022

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Unlock additional data management functionality and manage design changes at any production stage using pre-built workflows in the Fusion 360 Manage Extension.


Data is your most valuable asset, and data management is the foundation of a successful product development process. With access to reliable, up-to-date data, you’re able to respond more efficiently to market changes and your customer’s needs. In this article, we’ll look at three ways the Fusion 360 Manage Extension can make data management easier for you and your team.

What is the Fusion 360 Manage Extension?

The Manage Extension offers instant-on, easy-to-use data management tools. It enables you to manage design changes at any production stage using pre-built workflows. With complete visibility and digital approval records, you can focus on innovation, not administration.

Standardize Processes and Communication

With the Manage Extension, you’ll be able to better control the evolution of product design information as it passes through all your business processes. You’ll also gain access to automated Part Numbering, Revision Control, and a simple, standardized Change Release Process. You know what that means—no more copying and pasting from spreadsheets or duplicating numbers.

fusion-360-manage-extension-data-management-change release

Concurrent Process Collaboration Between Departments

Gain the ability to give early visibility to procurement teams, CNC programmers, and other shop floor employees to ensure ample time for planning. A Quick Release process sets the stage for others to note critical product information that needs action.


Drive Insights

Help your design, engineering, and manufacturing teams determine viability and product performance more quickly. With the Manage Extension, you’ll enable your company with the tools needed to make better decisions faster.


Next Steps

Ready to gain access to extended data management functionality for engineering change orders, release management, automated item numbering, and more? Request a demo today.

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