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Brian Repp Brian Repp August 26, 2015

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As some of you may have noticed, the Fusion Product Management team has been quite active on the IdeaStation over the last month or so.  Given your feedback we put a process in place this Spring that, while sound, didn’t take into account how we would catch up on the 1,200+ “New” ideas.  In order to make sure we can keep on top of all the great suggestions coming in, we needed to groom the backlog and do a little fine tuning on the process.  After reading through all of the ideas, I must say the creativity and passion from this community is incredible!




Over the last 6 weeks we’ve reviewed each and every New idea and moved them to their appropriate category.  Some were archived due to being older with low votes, and others archived due to not following the general guidelines for submitting an idea (e.g. bug, multiple ideas in one post, etc).  Many more were either Accepted, Implemented or added to our Future Consideration list.  The rest of the ideas that met guidelines, were feasible, and within the last 9 months or so were moved to Gathering Support to officially collect votes and commentary from the community.  While our new process technically only allows 30 days to collect enough votes to be reviewed, we didn’t think that was fair and wanted to give these ideas a fighting chance.  If you submitted something that was Archived, but are still passionate about, please consider resubmitting and really selling your idea to help attract votes!




So what’s next?  We still have work to do before we’re fully caught up, but the first change you’ll see is that all new ideas will automatically go right into the Gathering Support category (and we will remove the New category).  Details of how ideas will then progress can be found here.  Our next area of focus will be reviewing the backlog of ideas under Gathering Support and either adding them to our roadmap or archiving due to lack of interest, technical limitations, etc.  We expect to be current within the next month or so, at which point we will be following the process in the link above and clearly communicating how many of your great ideas make it into the product with each update.




As always, we will continue to evolve the IdeaStation based upon input from you.  It’s important to call out that the IdeaStation is only one form of input to our Product Roadmap, and its intent is to give you a place to voice your suggestions, while helping us gauge how interesting the idea is to the broader community.  Behind the scenes we’re constantly balancing and prioritizing input from the IdeaStation against feedback we get from other sources such as the Forums and regular customer interactions.  We’re proud of our community driven approach and look forward to turning your ideas into reality!


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