Fusion 360: Design Reimagined

Roger Orban
by Roger Orban 10 months ago 5 min read

Rendering of a triple clamp from the front end of a motorcycle. Render done in Fusion 360 in collaboration with Autodesk customer, MJK Performance. Image showcases the generative design capabilities of Fusion 360 by enabling MJK Performance to create multiple outcomes to assess the tradeoffs of using different materials and manufacturing methods.

Fusion 360: design reimagined.


It is time to dive a little deeper into why a company should consider using Fusion 360.



CAD in 1963. Image Source

Fusion 360 is design reimagined – new features, progressive system architectures, and modern workflows developed from the ground up to take advantage of the transformative power of the cloud, eliminating the challenges of today’s current generation 30-year-old CAD platforms. Previous generation’s CAD systems were built for a different world, a time when a designer sat behind an expensive, highly configured workstation.




More outcomes mean more time given back to you.


Today, mobile computing devices such as tablets and smartphones are this generation’s platform of choice for finding and sharing information. The internet has given rise to these computing devices and a new class of productivity applications powered by cloud computing. Fusion 360, a cloud-enabled design and manufacturing solution, supports these computing devices as an integral part of the design process, empowering designers to capture their designs, thoughts, and ideas on any device whenever providence strikes.



With Fusion 360, the ability to facilitate creativity by removing the structured process of parametric model development, coupled with the power of generative design in Fusion 360, enables designers to explore a higher number of design alternatives in a fraction of the time. The Fusion 360 user interface and experience have been designed with a “less is more” minimalist methodology to remove the overhead associated with current generation design tools. Casual users can be proficient and productive without having to be a dedicated power user.


Simplify the entire workflow with one unified platform.



CAD, CAE, CAM, PCB all in a single platform! Very powerful.



Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD, CAE, CAM, and PCB tool for collaborative product development that combines industrial design, mechanical engineering, simulation, electronics design, generative design, documentation, additive manufacturing, and CNC machine tool programming into one software platform.


In contrast to current generation authoring tools, Fusion 360 unites all best in class modeling methodologies in one system/one user interface, creating an entirely new approach for the design and development of organic, ergonomic and complex model topology that readily accommodates change without having to define parametric relationships, unleashing creativity, and dramatically increasing the exploration of form and function.



Communicate your designs effectively.


The essential components of the design workflows are effectively communicating designs, design language, and ideas for buy-off from management. Our customers have told us. Fusion 360 excels at creating deliverables in the form of photorealistic renderings and animations to successfully communicate design concepts and ideas in design reviews, especially when working remotely.



Photorealistic rendering in Fusion 360.

Keep your existing CAD systems.


Fusion 360 does not require wholesale change. A company can continue to use their existing CAD systems because Fusion 360 plays nicely with other CAD software. Fusion 360 streamlines the design data hand-off between functional departments, reducing the prospect of misinterpretation of design intent. Fusion 360 customers have stated that the model hand-off from Design to Product Engineering eliminates to some degree the level of model remastering required. When required, Fusion 360 makes the remastering process much easier for complex topology. Product engineering can use the UV curves from Fusion 360 to re-create complex topology that otherwise would have been time-consuming.  Click for more information about working with other CAD software.



Fusion 360 offers the best value.


The value of Fusion 360 is unprecedented not only in price but the time and money saved:


Sharing design data to project stakeholders in a digestible and affordable fashion to those outside of product engineering has always been a challenge. In essence, proprietary data formats limit design data utility/value outside of the CAD system of record, and current generation CAD systems are typically too expensive to provide to every project stakeholder that can benefit from access to design data and tools. Fusion 360 changes this.


Fusion 360 is rewriting the rules and setting new affordable expectations of design system cost of ownership, shifting from CAPEX to OPEX economics, and resulting in a reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership – reduction in hardware, servers, network infrastructure, and perpetual software license costs). Fusion 360 enables every project stakeholder that can benefit from having access to the design data and tools.


Fusion 360 removes the overhead, complexity, and roadblocks to 3D design. Designers and Engineers can now explore and solve their most complex design challenges in one design environment. Distributed design teams can, for the first time, truly work together, becoming more agile and productive.


Since its introduction, Fusion 360 has been embraced by companies large and small, and by most well-known Design Schools worldwide. With Fusion 360, computing devices become portals to more significant design inspiration, exploration, and refinement that leverage the infinite power and scalability of cloud computing. The rate of ideation increases, resulting in the evaluation of more design alternatives less time, translating into new products that evoke style, innovation, performance, and quality, dramatically increasing demand for your brand.



With Fusion 360, you just download and start working. No expensive overhead needed.


A design tool for the current stay-at-home environment.

And now, anyone can use Fusion 360 at no cost. Autodesk wishes to contribute to your company’s efforts to maintain product development during these trying times. Please see Autodesk’s Extended Access Program for Cloud Collaboration Products.


Fusion 360 is this generation’s CAD tool; frictionless design and data Sharing!


Take a look at Fusion 360 for yourself.




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