Fusion 360 design challenge winners announced

Pooria Sohi July 15, 2019 5 min read
Well, this might be one of the hardest things we’ve done in a while. So many amazing submissions, in fact, 198 amazing submissions!!! We were totally blown away by the quality of the work on display by all y’all, you made it hard for us to pick!!


You may be wondering why it took us so long to let everyone know who the winners and runner ups are, and honestly, it’s because we were debating very passionately internally about who was going to come out on top! There’s just so many amazing picks!


So please join us in celebrating our winners, our runner ups, and everyone who took part this year.


To those of you who entered, but did not win, this isn’t because we didn’t think your work wasn’t good enough, the caliber of entrees we had were so staggeringly good, it was really that hard to pick between them!


Challenge 1 – The wearable


The Brief: Design a wearable to keep someone safe while commuting. The wearable must include a way to communicate directly to a guardian or the police, without becoming an additional target to any potential aggressors. The wearable must include considerations for extended use, easy charging, and integrate into daily life, without becoming an additional part of someone’s routine.


Challenge Winner – AnneP

wearable fusion f360 academy challenge


Why we love it: AnneP’s design is a really well thought out passive solution to a wearable safety device, designed to be as discreet as possible, to the extent that one cannot understand it as a security device is a really cool feature, the multiple ways you can wear it, and that shape is not an easy one to model either!


Challenge Notable Mention – A_Mar_Vel

wearable fusion f360 academy challenge

wearable fusion f360 academy challenge

Why we love it: Ok so let’s start with the first thing A_Mar_Vel had never used Fusion 360 before this project, he learned it just to take part! We love this design for being a specific use case application, focusing the safety element down to a specific method of transport and commuting. The glove design is really cool, with 3 basic functionalities right there on your fingers! The technical accomplishment it takes to learn how to use T-Splines in less than a week and output a functioning model is incredible! Nice work A_Mar_Vel


Challenge 2 – The Storer 

The Brief: Design a transforming office desk organizer for compact work spaces. The design must include at least 1 moving part and show consideration for how one would use the moving mechanisms without requiring to move the entire thing around the desk. This submission will be judged on the efficacy and intelligence of the moving mechanisms and change of volume from compacted to expanded .


Challenge Winner – Olomas


organized fusion 360 academy challenge

Why we love it: I mean… just look at it. Holy balls this thing is awesome, I want one on my desk! Olomas’s design really impressed us for a few reasons, the design is elegant, simple, and practical, something one would expect to be able to purchase for use in the office. On top of that, the presentation of the data, information conveyed, and the rendering all came together in a way that we couldn’t resist. Top banana to you Olomas!


Challenge Notable Mention – ChrisFerenceID

organized fusion 360 academy challenge


Why we love it: This is one of those designs that everyone in the office unanimously liked. We don’t know how you did it Chris, but there was a lot of “hey what is that? Can I buy one?” When we passed this design around for review! Don’t tell us how you figured out how to do that either, we like the mystery of it.


Challenge 3 – The Notifier 

The Brief: Design a desktop notification device, used to quietly communicate social media notifications, new email, or urgent personal errands, eliminating the need for an individual to constantly check their phone and break their workflow.


Challenge Winner – QplusU

fusion 360 academy challenge

Why we love it: QplusU is one of those designers who just…gets it. When we were creating the notifier brief, we did everything in our power not to call it a smart clock, because we wanted you to explore ideas beyond the most obvious desktop based notification method. QplusU’s design manifests what were hoping would happen perfectly. The design of a table lamp with a ticker tape style wrap around screen to present notifications on is one of those clever ideas that harkens back to a method of communication most of us don’t even think about anymore. 10/10 to you QplusU, you go QplusU.


Challenge Notable Mention – Corsair2014

fusion 360 academy challenge

Why we love it: There’s really not much to say about Corsair2014’s design that you can immediately understand just by looking at it. The simplest way we could summarize why it was so appealing to all of us in the office was “yeah, I can totally see that being on the shelf at an electronics store”.

Challenge 4 – Machine it.


Challenge Winner – cnc_n_stuff


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Not a real entry into the #fusion360camchallenge but it was a fun little exercise and skill builder.

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I really don’t have anything to say about this one, other than that when I saw it my response was “holy S*** that mirror finish tho.”


Challenge Notable Mention – volkmeister

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Here’s my official entry for the @autodesk.mfg #fusion360camchallenge I’m really digging this generative design logo, I had an idea in my head all week but I ended up going with this guy… twist it’s also a wireless Qi charger so rather than burden my desk with its awesome good looks, now it has awesome good function 😁#cncmachining #instamachinist #fusion360 @adskfusion360

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There’s a lot of entrees here where we really didn’t know how to respond, because it left us speechless. Volkmeister definitely got us to reply that way, just look at it! Volkmeister just embodied “extra” with all the cool fancy things he did to this!!


Thanks everyone that participated!


Winners and notable mentions, if you’re reading this, don’t worry, we’ve already reached out to you! Check your inboxes!


We can’t wait to see all our winners in Portland, these 4 titans will be taking part in our Design Slam at the Fusion 360 Academy, where they will be competing against one another in 5 minute sprint modeling challenges, with a grand prize of a MakerBot METHOD up for grabs. But that’s not all! Just to turn the heat up on the competition we will have an additional 4 entrants taking part in the slam. Who are they? Well, you’re just going to have to be there to find out. 😉


Ok, that’s it, that’s all! We are so excited to see you all at the Fusion 360 Design Academy in Portland next month!!

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