Finding your Favorite Cutting Tools Just Got Easier

Garin Gardiner October 2, 2017 2 min read

Have you ever had a project that required you to set up new tooling only to spend the afternoon searching for the correct tool as well as the best speeds & feeds?  We just made your life a whole lot easier with new enhancements to the CAM Tool Library. We’ve added a new vendor section that is already populated with vendors like ALBRECHT, MariTool, Renishaw & Tormach. Several others like Bantam ToolsCNC Router Parts & PocketNC are coming online in the next few updates. These have pre-setup tool libraries as well as links to where you can buy these tools.


Recently, our very own Lars Christensen shared details around content from “TITANS of CNC” that’s well worth checking out. One of these videos shows how to use and set up a tool library in their Building Block Tool Library.  It will get you going pretty quickly if you want to import and create your own library.


New Vendors Section


To access these tools from the CAM environment, launch Fusion 360 and go to the CAM environment and select Tool Library.


We have a few vendors already included, with more to come over time. Choose which vendors you want to use when creating tool paths on your various projects.

Now when applying tools, you’ll see a link for many of these tools that will take you straight to the vendor’s site.

Have a favorite tool you want to link out to where you purchased it for future reference? Or a tool vendor that wants to add your tool library to the list? Lars is working on an upcoming video just for that, so keep an eye out.


Are you a Tool Vendor?


If you are and would like to get your tools included with Fusion 360, create a tool library with URL links and send it our way to be included in a future Fusion 360 update.


Please contact us if your company would like to add their tool library to Fusion 360.

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