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Michelle Stone Michelle Stone May 14, 2019

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Aaron, Angelo, and Brad have something special for you all coming up soon – a 4-part series: Design to Manufacturing.  In this 4-part series, Brad and Angelo will be teaming up to DESIGN and MAKE a spark plug bottle opener.


360 live youtube


In the first installment on May 21, Brad will walk you through the steps on how to design the spark plug bottle opener.



cad drawing


Next in the second of 4 installments for this series on May 23, Angelo will walk you through programming tool paths for the spark plug bottle opener.


cam design


For the 3rd installment of this 4-part series on May 28, Brad will take feedback from Angelo to make late design changes to the spark plug bottle opener. To do this, they’ll leverage collaborative tools in Fusion 360.  This will show you how to easily markup, add notes, create renderings, and more!


Part 4 of this series will bring the process together as Angelo and Brad will MAKE the spark plug bottle opener at Pier 9. Testing will take place after successful machining!  Tune in May 30th for that.

cam fabrication machining


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