Digital Deployment: Increasing Speed to Market with Fusion 360 and On-demand Training

Tony Glockler
by Tony Glockler 4 years ago 3 min read

Fusion 360’s digital deployment allows CAD teams to get their users up and running quickly with cloud-based software. Without lengthy workstation installation, engineering managers can increase the onboarding speed of new hires. However, this immediate deployment only works when new team members have all the training resources they need on demand. A company’s ability to quickly and easily add new employees or contractors for projects is key to maintaining a competitive advantage.


So, how do CAD managers keep up with increasing speed-to-market while staying on top of all the latest capabilities? With cloud-based CAD plus “just in time” professional development tools like SolidProfessor, CAD managers can quickly onboard new users, manage a remote team, and stay on top of new features and capabilities.




“We’re all in on the cloud,” said Carl Bass at 2016’s Autodesk University. “Access to infinite computing power and the ability to work together effortlessly is completely changing how design and engineering are done.”


Engineering companies are becoming increasingly multinational, with global teams needing resources to train, collaborate, and manage projects in the cloud. With Fusion 360, files can be shared easily and collaboration can happen within the design, making working with global or remote teams easier than ever. However, CAD managers find it challenging to develop their team when their users are scattered around the world. Management tools like SolidProfessor for Teams helps managers assess their team’s skill level in different areas, provide assignments to standardize design skills, and track their team’s progress from anywhere in the world, in any time zone.


CAD teams see an increase in efficiency and design speed when they have an on-demand resource to answer design questions without disrupting their work. The key is powerful search capabilities that provide fast answers to questions. Fusion 360 users are already used to comprehensive search, being able to search text in documents, metadata on items or components within designs and models, and comments or posts by team members. With SolidProfessor, powerful search capabilities helps you find exactly the information you need, when you need it. Concise videos provide answers and then help you get back to work quickly.


Another benefit of using web-based tools like Fusion 360 and SolidProfessor is the ability to use any laptop, tablet or device to access the software and resources. Design consultant Will Gibbons is always on the go, traveling with his MacBook Pro. “As a designer, I’m always seeking new software to make my life easier. The quicker I can work in a 3D program, the more it becomes an enabler for creative output rather than a hurdle. I travel with a Macbook Pro for work, and after stumbling upon Fusion 360, I wanted to become proficient in the software. A quick search led me to the SolidProfessor website, which had the kind of tutorials I was looking for. As far as the online aspect, I enjoy the convenience of being able to access tutorials whenever and wherever I want.”


Training is actually more effective when incorporated into users’ work. Only using the traditional CAD training model of a one time, intensive class decreases retention significantly. Including on-demand training into your team’s work week doesn’t just help engineers keep up with the latest capabilities but in fact dramatically increases knowledge retention. The most effective way to retain new skills is to learn them while solving daily design challenges.


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