CAM for Fusion 360 Tips and Tricks

by curtis.chan 6 years ago 1 min read
With CAM for Fusion 360 currently available on a Windows Platform and Mac OS, users can experience cross-collaboration amongst two platforms; as well as expect fluid functionally between CAM capabilities.  The focus in this current update, showcases our investment in ’simulation’ functionality; improving visualization with a new ‘position bar’ and Standard Stock Simulation Mode.  Even in our a360 Viewer, users can display the stock, toolpath, tools and major properties of CAM operations right within a Browser.
Check out the video below; as well as a couple of the highlights implemented in our latest release: 
  • CAM Templates allow you the ability to save operations as templates, so that operation parameters can be reused to create new tool paths.
  • Surfaces in CAM Toolpaths – Enabled surfaces as model input allowing surfaces to be taken into account when calculating tool paths eliminating the need to patch holes.
  • Enhanced CAM Simulation – Improved stock simulation with support for undercutting, multi-axis indexing (3+2) and collision detection have been improved.

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