Boosting Efficiency With Part Alignment in Autodesk Fusion

Rana Udayveer Singh Rana Udayveer Singh January 5, 2024

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Learn how to save hours of your time and boost your efficiency by leveraging part alignment in Autodesk Fusion.

If you’re looking to streamline your programming process and boost your efficiency while saving valuable hours, then the part alignment capability in Autodesk Fusion is your ultimate solution. Imagine that you need to accurately position an already machined part back onto a machine.

The manual process of gently knocking and shimming the part into place can be an arduous task, consuming hours of your precious time. However, with Fusion’s automatic part alignment functionality, you can transform this multi-hour process into a matter of minutes.

Part alignment in Autodesk Fusion

Located under the ‘Inspection’ tab, Fusion’s part alignment feature gives you the option to align your part in 3, 4, or 5 axes. Achieving precise part alignment is a straightforward process:

Set up and run a probing cycle

Begin by setting up and executing a probing cycle on your part to determine its current positioning accurately. This step gathers vital data that will be used for the alignment process.

Apply part alignment

Leveraging the probing results, Fusion identifies any misalignment and applies a positional adjustment in the outputted G-code. This adjustment ensures that your part moves into the correct position before the machining operations commence. With part alignment, the hours spent manually aligning parts become a thing of the past.


The steps to set up a Part Alignment are detailed in this video

Leverage the Preview Features tab

Fusion offers a Preview Features tab within the preferences section to keep our community informed of the latest features. Regularly checking the Preview Features tab gives you early access to the latest capabilities before their official release. This empowers you to test and adopt functions that align with your specific needs. This ultimately enhances your workflows and keeps you at the forefront of CAM capability.


As an ambitious machinist, it’s essential to harness Fusion’s part alignment feature to revolutionize your setup process. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and welcome the era of automated precision with Fusion.

Experience the future of CAM software with Fusion.

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