10 Fusion 360 Community-Led Classes to Attend at Autodesk University 2023

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki August 28, 2023

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We’re back, baby! Registration is open for Autodesk University 2023, happening November 13-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. You know what that means: it’s time to start packing your schedule with Fusion 360 classes and special events.

This year features an exciting lineup of Fusion 360 courses led by members of our community doing amazing things. Here’s a selection of 10 classes led by industry leaders you won’t want to miss. Course enrollment is now open, so be sure to act fast to secure a spot in your top choices.

Image courtesy of Girl Gang Garage.

Prompt Engineering for Generative Design of Spaceflight Structures at NASA

This presentation led by Ryan McClelland from NASA GSFC explores “prompt engineering” for guiding generative design artificial intelligence (AI). You’ll learn how to maximize AI-driven optimization using textual and geometric information to create parts that meet functional, structural, and manufacturing requirements. You’ll also see examples of fabricated hardware developed using this approach, slated for integration in future NASA missions.

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A New Design Ride: Designing an Open-Source Adaptive Mountain Bike

Noel Joyce is a wheelchair user and industrial designer currently teaching design and innovation at NYU. A couple of years ago, Joyce started Project Mjolnir, the world’s first open-source adaptive mountain bike project. Project Mjolinr’s goal is to break down the barriers of entry for anyone to get into the sport by creating a bike based on a modular platform that is infinitely changeable, adaptable, and can be built anywhere. Join Joyce to learn more about the project, the design process, and what’s next.

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10 things that make Fusion 360 awesome

Fusion 360 is turning 10! Over the past 10 years, Fusion 360 has helped both Alex Lobos and his students rethink the way CAD works, enabling new opportunities to be more effective, efficient, and most importantly, more creative and innovative. Lobos will share the top ten things that make Fusion 360 great. From direct modeling for communication design to collaboration, generative design, and more, he’ll dive into how Fusion 360 makes an impact with specific examples.

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Fusion 360 for Furniture, Millwork, and Woodworkers

Join Jeffrey McGrew from Because We Can for a deep dive into many examples of people productively applying Fusion 360 to solve production problems in furniture and millwork. You’ll learn tips and tricks and discover the advantages of using Fusion 360 for production woodworking.

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Designing Custom Components for Classic Cars and Hot Rods in Fusion 360

Custom classic car and hot rod builds often require many custom parts that are bespoke to the vehicle. In this session, we’ll use several custom components created for the Iron Maven vehicle built by Girl Gang Garage to demonstrate workflows for designing and fabricating components from the ground up. The workflow demonstrations will focus on cosmetic and mechanical components, with an example of a 3D-scanning-to-freeform-modeling workflow for cosmetic components and a measurement-and-fit-check-to-parametric-modeling workflow for mechanical components.

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How We Digitally Transformed Our CNC Machine Shop Business with Fusion 360

Join Dave Boswell from SendItCNC to see how they applied Fusion 360 to create their new CNC processes and examine how they created the necessary Fusion 360 add-ins. They’ll demonstrate how they integrated their add-in with their cloud-based internal and customer-facing IT system. The result is a cloud-based customer experience that enables orders, reorders, and customization more easily than ever before.

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Perspectives from a Student: How to Advance the Future of Engineering Education

Over six years ago, Soumil Goyal was first introduced to Autodesk products, and it sparked a passion for engineering, design, and manufacturing. Goyal is now a high school senior and has learned to use many Autodesk products, including TinkerCAD, Fusion 360, Inventor, and AutoCAD. In this session, Goyal will share a unique perspective as a young and enthusiastic learner and how we need to teach for the future of engineering.

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Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM: From Design to Multistage Machining Technical Documents

Join Joe Kawka from Toyota Motor North America to see a workflow that goes from a drawing to the output of technical documentation for high-volume production using multiple setups and machines. The workflow demonstrates how Kawka seamlessly moves between Inventor and Fusion 360 to bring parts to life.

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CAM Society Case to Build “Design & Make Ecosystem” in Technology Schools

Established in 2014 at MNIT Jaipur, Autodesk CAM Society is a student-driven club dedicated to teaching and learning manufacturing technology beyond the scope of curriculum. Their goal is to enhance design manufacturing skills at an early stage to help tech graduates gain the skills necessary to land industry jobs. In one decade, the Society has helped thousands of graduates. In this session learn more about tactics and accomplishments to help graduates be prepared for the workforce.

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How to Build Low-Code/No-Code Apps with Fusion Data API

The Fusion Data API allows you to exchange data with other applications such as ERP systems and the like. This class led by Marco Mirandola from coolOrange will show you how to use low-code/no-code technologies to achieve this. Let’s see how far we can go with this technology using Microsoft Power Automate or similar platforms.

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We can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas. Register for Autodesk University 2023 here. You never know what you might discover.

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