Autodesk Community Ranking

Avatar herzinj March 10, 2015

1 min read

The Autodesk Community uses a tiered ranking system to recognize and reward those who actively participate, as well as help users quickly evaluate the status of another user and the potential value of their contributions. Achieving certain ranks will also open up additional site abilities and unexpected benefits that you may not already have such as full HTML access and additional kudo weight.


Wondering how you can increase your rank? Users earn ranks based on their level of participation in the Autodesk Community as well as how long they have been a member. While we can’t give away the exact formulas, anyone of the following activities will have a direct impact on your advancement.


You can learn a lot about your fellow community members from their rank titles. The higher the rank, generally the more helpful and active one has been in the community. A comprehensive list of the available ranks as well as the icons that accompany them is detailed below.




The 1st few rank names can be associated with users who randomly browse the site for content and potentially ask a few questions along the way. This naturally progresses into those who participate from time to time and begin contributing content of their own, and finally into the community collaborators who regularly share their knowledge, expertise and opinions while influencing and encouraging other members in the process.


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